As I reflect on my three years as chair of the Annual Fund, I am proud to be a part of an alumni body that cares so deeply for their alma mater. The following pages feature the list of 7,861 alumni who made gifts to the College during the 2015–2016 fiscal year. Please know that Lafayette’s students, faculty, and administration greatly appreciate your support.

As the historic Live Connected, Lead Change campaign continues, I am struck by the College’s many accomplishments, of which we all can be proud. Most significantly, this year was highlighted by the launch of the College’s strategic direction. As we advance affordability and distinction through growth, we will enable Lafayette to accept talented and committed students regardless of their family’s financial means. In support of this initiative, Lafayette will increase both the size of the student body and the faculty through a process of carefully managed growth, which will maintain or improve the 10:1 student-faculty ratio and enhance the College’s academic reputation.

The Annual Fund, which is a strategic focus of the LC3 campaign, plays a critical role in the future of Lafayette. The Annual Fund supports all aspects of campus life and enhances the educational experience for every student, regardless of their major. When combined, gifts of all sizes this year provided $8,153,434 in essential resources, which are allowing the College to meet pressing needs and leverage unforeseen opportunities. I am also proud to report that the Marquis Society, which recognizes our most generous donors, has continued to grow over the past three years to 1,968 members this past year.

Thank you for your generosity and the difference that you are making for Lafayette and its students.

Ginny Logan Signature
Virginia A. Logan ’81
Lafayette Annual Fund Chair