The Arnold Baggins Foundation
Dexter F. and Dorothy H. Baker Foundation
Barberry Foundation Inc
Charles E. Bartberger and Gretchen M. Platt Family Foundation
Arnold and Mabel Beckman Foundation
Frederick H. and Margaret S. Bedford Charitable Foundation
Benedict-Miller Foundation
Bessemer Trust
Michael & Laura Brader-Araje Foundation
Bright Funds Foundation
Civitas Foundation
The Conger Family Foundation
The Degnan Family Foundation, Inc.
The Demakos Foundation
Alexander W. Dick Foundation
The Bradbury Dyer Foundation
The Edgemer Foundation Inc.
David and Geri Epstein Private Foundation
The Esperance Family Foundation Inc
Fischer Bauer Knirps Foundation
Frank Family Charitable Foundation
Fund for Individual Potential
The Lois E. & Neil J. Gagnon Foundation
The Charles M. Gorsuch Trust
Gray Family Foundation of DuBois
Peter and Josephine Grayson Foundation
Hillel Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
The Horizon Foundation for New Jersey
Jephson Educational Trusts
Jerlyn Foundation
Edward A. Jesser Foundation Inc.
JMP Foundation Inc.
Robert K. Johnson Foundation
Max Kade Foundation Inc.
Albert B. Kahn Foundation
The Katzenberger Foundation Inc
Keefe Family Foundation
Jeff & Erica Keswin Family Foundation
Keystone Savings Foundation
A.P. Kirby, Jr. Foundation, Inc.
F.M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.
Kiwanis Foundation of Easton Inc.
Edwin M. Lavino Trust
The Lee Family Foundation Inc.
Phoebe R. & John D. Lewis Foundation
John C Ludlum & Mildred W Ludlum Charitable Foundation
The Oscar G. & Elsa S. Mayer Family Foundation
The McCutchen Foundation
Merit Foundation
Mid Atlantic Arts Foundation
Mighty Cause Charitable Foundation
Mobile Giving Foundation
Moglia Family Foundation
William T. Morris Foundation
MuniMae Foundation Inc
New England Foundation For The Arts, Inc.
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Wilson B Powell Trust
Presser Foundation
Quaker City Foundation
Charles S. Raizen Foundation, Inc.
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The Schoor Family Foundation Inc.
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Selembo Foundation
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SpringRiver Foundation
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B and B Stern Foundation Inc.
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