“The key to Lafayette’s success lies in its community.  Special thanks to the members of the Marquis Society for your most generous support of the College, which will solidify Lafayette for the next 200 years.”
JAMES R. FISHER ’77 P’07’10’11 | Chair of the Marquis Society

Gifts of $50,000 and Above

Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. John Anderson ’87
Dr. and Mrs. Silas R. Beane III ’88 P’24**
Mr. Charles V. Bergh ’79 **
Mr. and Mrs.* Stephen Blecher ’60
Mr. Michael ’90 and Ms. Laura ’91 Brader-Araje
Mr. Jordan L. ’03 and Ms. Maria Fekete ’02 Brugg **
Mrs. Linda G. Bryan W’45*
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Buck ’50 **
Mr. Russell L. Carlson
Mr. Samuel R. ’79 and Mrs. Beth Lanigan ’80 Chapin **
Mr. and Mrs. Benson J. Chapman P’03 **
Harry S. Cherken Jr., Esq. ’71 **
Mr. and Mrs. H. Peter Claussen Jr. ’62 **
Mr. Joseph J., III ’87 and Ms. Kathryn Cesare ’87 Coffey
Mr. Robert Dahdah
Mr. Adam C. Decker ’03
Dr. Mark L. Graham, II and Laneta J. Dorflinger, Ph.D. ’75 Hon.D.’17 **
Mr. Richard F. Engel ’74 P’10 **
Mr. Jeffrey P. ’65 and Mrs. G. Kathryn Feather **
Mr. Antonio F. ’81 and Mrs. Susan DePhillips ’83 Fernandez **
Mr. James R. ’77 and Mrs. Tracey S. Fisher ’77 P’07’10’11 **
Mr. and Mrs. Neil J. Gagnon P’96 **
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Gano III ’57 **
Mr. and Mrs. Richard H. Garnett ’56 **
Ms. Thora C. Girke*
Mr. Bennett J. ’79 and Mrs. Margaret E. Goodman **
Mr. Matthew T. and Ms. Kirsti Wells ’96 Goodwin **
Mr. Peter G. ’77 and Josephine A. Grayson P’25
Mr. and Mrs. Peter C. Gummeson ’80 **
Mr. Daniel T. and Mrs. Heidi L. ’91 Hanson **
Mr. Robert J. Hess ’89
Mr. Joseph Hollander and Ms. Barbara Levy ’77 P’11’14 **
Mr.* and Mrs.* Charles E. Hugel ’51 H’02 P’83 GP’06 **
Mr. Edward E. Jensen ’62
Mr. Mark R. Johnson and Ms. Nicole J. Ullrich
Mr. Robert K. Johnson ’60 * **
Harold N., P.E. ’78 and Ms. Kathleen C., P.E. ’78 Kamine P’04’07’11 **
Mr. Jefferson W. ’84 and Mrs. Karen McCabe ’87 Kirby P’19’22 **
Mr.* Donald ’56 and Mrs. Virginia Kreuzberger
Dr. Judson ’79 and Mrs. Cynthia Oaks ’80 Linville P’13’18 **
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Maggin ’65 P’02 **
Mr. and Mrs. Kevin R. Mandia ’92 Hon.D.’14
Dr. David J. McAdoo ’63 *
Dr. Charles W. McCutchen *
Mr. Collin F. McNeil ’73 and Ms. Nia Judson
Dr. Joseph E. Nechasek ’62 **
Mr. Charles A. Nittrouer Jr. ’72
Mrs. Deborah A Nittrouer
Mr. William Louis O’Hey, Jr.*
Mr. Andrew M. Wallach ’95 and Ms. Dina Opici-Wallach ’95
Mr. and Mrs.* Alan D. Pesky ’56 P’87’90 **
Mr. Robert A. Pfenning **
Mr. Christopher Pucillo
Mr. J.B. ’83 and Mrs. Kathleen Reilly P’16’18 **
Mr. Michael and Mrs. Rachel Rimland P’20
Mr. Jose A. ’84 and Mrs. Margaret Watters ’84 Rodriguez**
David M., Esq. ’70 and Mrs. Linda H. Roth **
Mr.* and Mrs. Dean R. Sanders ’51 **
Mr. Walter A. ’59 and Mrs.* Catherine R. Scott **
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Sell ‘84 **
Mr. J. Peter ’75 and Ms. Janet Mauriello ’75 Simon P’11’14 **
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Spence P’11
Mr.* Robert H., Jr. ’53 and Mrs. Joyce M. Stier
Mr.* and Mrs. Harold M. Tague P’00 **
Dr. Dean Gates Taylor
Mr. Brian ’79 and Mrs. Karen Thurman **
Mr. and Mrs. Jerry C. Turnauer ’59 **
Mr. Leon M. Wagner ’75 **
Mrs. Melissa R Wagner
Mr. William R. Wagner ’89
Mr. F. Harvey Whitten ’52* **
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Wolfe ’57 P’86 **

Gifts of $25,000 – $49,999

Anonymous (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Edward W. Ahart ’69 Hon.D.’10 P’97’03 **
Mr. David S. Allen ’65
Mr. and Mrs. Salman M. Al-Sudairi ’00
Ms. Louise B. Basbas
Mr. Abram I. Bluestein ’69 and Ms. Ilene S. Gordon **
Mr.* and Mrs. Harry N. Bockus Jr. ’50 **
Mr. John T. Bourger ’71 and Ms. Selena Vanderwerf **
Mr. James J., Jr. and Ms. Alexandra Murphy ’97 Bruder
Mr. and Mrs. William R. Dodds Jr. ’74 **
Mr. Bradbury Dyer III ’64 **
Dr.* and Mrs. Ronald L. Eshleman ’59 **
Mr. Howard and Dr. Mary E. ’79 Frank **
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Fry ’82 Hon.D.’08 **
Mr. William P. Gaberlavage ’90 and Ms. Susan N. Keogan
Mr. Andrew J. Gasper ’94
Mr. and Mrs. Joshua A. Green ’92 **
Mr. and Mrs. Alan R. Griffith ’64 Hon.D.’01 **
Dr. Russell N. ’57 and Mrs. Nancy Hall Grimes
Mr. and Mrs. Clemens B. Hergenhan ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick D. Hoff Jr. ’86
Mr. and Mrs. Richard C. Ill ’65 P’02 **
Mr. Stuart and Mrs. Deanna Ingis
Mr. and Mrs. Edward A. Jesser III ’68 P’07 **
Mr. David King and Mrs. Phoebe A. Weseley P’22
Mr. Andrew L. Lewis IV ’79 *
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce H. Marshman ’62 **
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas R. Marvin ’69 P’04 **
Mr. Angel L. Mendez ’82**
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Neff ’59 P’01 **
Mr. and Mrs. Noel D. O’Neill P’16’21
Mr. John H. ’81 and Ms. Carolyn Slingland ’81 Pierce **
Mr. and Mrs. William C. Rappolt ’67 **
Mr. Peter D. Rittmaster
Mr. Steven H. and Mrs. Jennifer M. Rittmaster P’20
Mr. H. Charles Romesburg*
Dr. and Mrs. George E. Rossmann ’62 **
Mr. and Mrs. M. Alden Siegel ’60 P’84’87’90 GP ’15’16’18 **
Mr. and Mrs. Norbert F. Smith ’59 **
Mr. Gregory L. ’70 and Mrs. Claire F. Wilcox
Dr. Thomas C. Wilder

Gifts of $10,000 – $24,999

Anonymous (6)
Anonymous ** (2)
Mr. and Mrs. Gregory Acopian ’70 P’03 **
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Acopian ’75 **
Mr. Richard P. Allen ’65 and Ms. Mary L. Sieminski **
Mr. Guillaume P. Amblard and Mrs. Barbara M. Zanin P’21
Mrs. Edna S Andrews
Ms. Linda N. Arra ’74 **
Mr. Steven R. Atkinson ’90 **
Mr. and Mrs. Paul R. Auvil P’15
Mr. Jay G. and Margaret G., Esq. ’74 Axelrod **
Mr. Bruce W. Ballard ’75
Mr. and Mrs.* William A. Barati ’53
Mr. David J. ’98 and Mrs. Nancy Rothberg ’97 Barnes
Mr. Charles E. Bartberger ’67 and Ms. Gretchen Platt
Mr. Jeffrey J. Baymor ’79 and Ms. Elizabeth Cullen **
Mr. John C. Becica ’69 **
Mr.* and Mrs. Bruce O. Becker ’53 P’84 **
Mr. Richard S. Beltram ’73 **
Ms. Janine Hackett ’95 and Ms. Robin Bergen **
Dr. Daniel A. Bills ’97
Ms. Sheila M Black
Mr. Christopher J. Bliss ’09
Mr. Sean A. ’90 and Mrs. Susan Lee ’90 Bluni
Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Bollman Jr. ’60 P’81 GP’12’12’17 **
Mr. Whitney S. ’80 and Mrs. Pamela Boucher
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Bown ’64 P’83’84 **
Mr. Blair A. Boyer and Ms. Elizabeth Busciglio-Boyer **
Mr. Joel P. and Ms. Bernadette Ulissi ’93 Branosky **
Mr. Raymond M., III ’75 and Ms. Ellen Kravet ’76 Burke **
Mr. George A. and Ms. Susan B. ’76 Carras **
Mr. Daniel P. ’04 and Ms. Virginia R. ’03 Carreno
Mr. Alfred and Mrs. Sharene Chuang P’23
Dr. Mark D. Cocker ’71
Ms. Helen Coleman Robison
Mr. Charles A. Corson ’64 **
Mr. Russ L. Cranswick and Ms. Sheila M. Black P’23
Mr. David M. Crean ’02
Mr. Mark and Mrs. Karen Cummins P’25
Dr. Phillip A. ’93 and Mrs. Tanuja ’93 Dehne **
Mr. Robert C. Delaney ’12
Mr. and Mrs. Andrew E. Dietz ’73 P’06 **
Mr. Harry Dombroski and Jan Ellen Slotter Dombroski
Mr. Gregory D. Eggert ’79
Mr. Jonathan S. ’98 and Ms. Melissa Carnahan ’98 Ellis **
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Engel ’74 P’10 **
Mr. Scott Epstein
Mr. and Mrs. Gary A. Evans ’57 **
Mr. Mark J. ’91 and Mrs. Michele D. Fedorov
Mr. William D. and Mrs. Jodi G. Felton P’23
Mr. Paul J. and Mrs. Karen C. Fenaroli P’23
Mr. Ignacio Fente ’96 and Ms. Cecilia Gonzalo
Ms. Susan L. Fox ’88 **
Mr. Ronald A. Garfunkel ’63 and Ms. Sandra Breakstone **
Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. Geneczko ’74
Dr. and Mrs. Timothy M. Greco ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Groff ’68 P’90
Mr. Bruce D. Groves ’75 **
Mr. D. Kirk ’77 and Ms. Sandra B. Harman **
Mr. Joseph W. ’73 and Ms. Carol Pescatore ’75 Harpster **
Mr. and Mrs. Howard N. Heller ’65 **
Mr. Leo A. ’87 and Ms Stacey Guckes ’87 Helmers **
Mr. Gary J. Hilkert ’69
Mr. R. Evans Hineman ’56 **
Mr. D. James Whelen ’10 and Ms. Rachel E. Hoffman ’11
Dr. Lyal V. S. Hood ’64
Ms. Leslie Ann Howard ’76 **
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel S. Huffenus ’86 **
Mr. Glenn T. Hunzinger ’96
Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Gina Jansen P’25
Mr. C. Walton ’90 and Ms. Nancy Rohrbach ’90 Johnston
Mr. Frederick J. Kaiser Jr. ’55 P’89 **
Mr. Alex L. ’04 and Ms. Leslie Maral Karapetian **
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Kasper ’72
Mr. Mitchell A. Winter ’79 and Ms. Lisa J. Kassel ’79 P’13 **
Mr. Harry V., III ’83 and Mrs. Carol Ashton ’82 Keefe P’12 **
Mr. Milan S. and Mrs. Elizabeth Burns ’83 Kirby
Ms. Lynne M. Kizis ’84
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Kolb P’02
Dr. Thomas L. Kozo ’63
Ms. Nancy J. Kuenstner ’75 and Mr. Hugo Verdegaal P’09 **
Mr. John A. and Mrs. Emily S. ’95 Kunschner
Mr. Joseph P LaPietra Sr.
Mr. and Mrs. Henry A. Lee ’51 **
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Lefever ’82
Mr. J. Stoner Lichty Jr. ’66 **
Mr. John B. Lynch Jr. ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Donald F. MacDonald ’61 P’90 **
Mr. David S. MacKnight ’94
Mrs. Dina Uliana Manoway ’83 **
Mrs. Cornelia B. Marakovits ’88
Mr. Jeffrey M. Margolies ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. McClintock ’71
Mr. and Mrs. William E. McClure Jr. ’63 **
Mr. Michael G. and Mrs. Amy R. Menkowitz P’23 **
Mr. and Mrs. Marc M. Merlin ’86 **
Mr. Kyle L. Miller P’22
Mr. Richard W., Jr. and Mrs. Kimberly K. Morgner P’23
Dr. and Mrs. Michael H. Moskow ’59 Hon.D.’07 P’96 **
Mrs. Norma R. Moss W’57 **
Mr. Mark ’81 and Mrs. Ann Mulholland P’10 **
Mrs. Kathleen Wyckoff Munster ’01 and Dr. Michael J. Munster
Mr. Francis L. Mustaro ’72 and Mrs. Kathryn Radcliffe **
Mr. James Lee Myers ’73 and Rev. Dr. Judith E. Thomson ’73
Dr. Ladimer S. ’72 and Dr. Anna Bobiak Nagurney **
Mr. Michael B. and Mrs. Tracy A. Nathanson P’23
Mr. Sean P. ’93 and Ms. Janet Acculto ’94 O’Brien **
Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. O’Kane ’67 **
Mr. Brian J. ’90 and Mrs. Christine O’Reilly**
Mr. Mark Orttung
Mr. Michael L. ’71 and Ms. Elizabeth A. Ozalas
Ms. Andrea Palmer
Mr. Stephen Parahus ’84 **
Ms. Pamela S. Passman ’83 **
Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Peterson ’76 **
Dr. John F. Piper Jr. ’58
Dr. and Mrs. Edward V. Platia ’72 **
Mr. Roger L. Pommerenke ’68
Ms. Karen A. Pompanella ’88 **
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Reif ’68 **
Mr. and Mrs. H. Marvin Riddle ’51 P’80 **
Mr.* Arthur J. ’55 Hon.D. ’05 and Mrs. Barbara S. Hon.D. ’05 Rothkopf **
Mr. and Mrs. Peter S. Ruggiero P’20 P’25
Mr. Dean W. ’81 and Mrs. Julie Schnatz Rybeck **
Mr. John, Jr. ’87 and Dr. Jacqueline Crawshaw ’88 Santos P’21 **
Mr. Liam and Ms. Joy Sargent P’25
Mr. Jeffrey D. ’79 and Ms. Patricia Winkler ’82 Schor P’09’11’17 **
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence S. Schwartz ’62 P’88 GP’21 **
Ms. Jill Raizen Serling ’87 **
Mr. Thomas W Sheridan
Mr. Brian R. Sliwinski ’08 and Dr. Lauren L. Huntington ’09 **
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Royall Smith ’67 **
Mr. Steven T. ’86 and Ms. Christine Leung ’85 Standbridge
Mr. and Mrs. Peter T. Standbridge ’55 P’81’86 G’18 **
Mr. Richard P. Stulgaitis and Ms. Leslie Ann Howard ’76 **
Mr. and Mrs. Michael A. Tanenbaum P’12’15 **
Dr. Joanne Dergosits ’81 and Mr. Philip S. ’81 Tatem
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth B. Tator ’63 **
Mr. Matthew D. Thomases ’62
Ms. Stefanie Westphal Thompson ’85 **
Mr. J. Todd ’88 and Ms. M. Katherine ’89 Van Cleef **
Mrs. Mary H. Viscomi
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Waldele ‘79 P’09 **
Mr. Michael A. ’82 and Ms. Jenny Marshall ’82 Weisburger **
Mr. and Mrs. Mark B. Weisburger ’55 P’82 **
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Wells ’56 **
Mrs. Amy Anderson Wilder ’92
Mr. I. Peter Wolff ’67 **
Mr. John T. ’89 and Mrs. Catherine B. Yurconic P’21

Gifts of $5,000 – $9,999

Anonymous (6)
Ms. Carrie A. Abildgaard ’04 **
Mr. James W. ’86 and Ms. Karen Blinder ’86 Akerhielm **
Mr. Barry P. Aronowsky ’62
Mrs. Carol E Austin
Dr. Roger S. ’62 and Mrs. Carol E. Austin
Mr. Darnell ’02 and Mrs. Patricia Brown ’02 Azeez
Mr. David Baird III
Mr. Andrew A. ’90 and Ms. Laura MacAvoy ’94 Bazarian
Mr. Lloyd J. ’97 and Mrs. Shea E. Bennett **
Mr. and Mrs. Mitchell W. Berger ’77 P’09 **
Mr. and Mrs. Jonathan R. Bernon ’84 **
Mr. Peter R Bernstein
Mr. Matthew F. ’08 and Mrs. Cassandra Bradley ’09 Betley
Mr. James R., Jr. ’83 and Mrs. Judith L. Birle P’16 **
Mr. Theodore W. Blackburn ’02
Mr. Daryl J. Boich ’90 and Ms. Yvonne Dougherty
Mr. Patrick A. Bonam ’75
Mr. Norm D. and Mrs. Lisa Bontje P’23
Dr. Alan B. ’79 and Mrs. Eileen M. ’80 Brackup
Mr. Michael P. Vandenbergh and Ms. Linda K. Breggin P’23
Mr. Michael D. ’92 and Mrs. Catherine Szulc ’91 Brooks **
Mr. William C. Godfrey ’77 **
Dr. Rose Marie L. Bukics **
Mr. Marc J. ’06 and Dr. Colleen W. ’06 Cardella
Mr. John M. Stern ’63 and Ms. L. Reed Catlett
Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Chanda ’89 **
Ms. Kristin R. Chisesi ’99 **
Mr. Michael A. and Mrs. Alicia P. Colledge P’23
Mr. John H., III ’63 and Mrs. Marilyn B. Cooper
Mr. Michael A. ’81 and Mrs. Jennifer M. Corbo P’11’15 **
Mr. and Mrs. James F. Cosgrove Jr. ’86
Mr. Rajiv K De Silva
Ms. Francine K. Della Badia ’91
Mr. Edward M. Detmer ’08
Mr. John G. ’81 and Mrs. Margarette Hickey ’82 Devlin P’12’14 **
Mr. Alvin W. ’73 and Ms. Linda Cubberly ’74 Dietz **
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Dimmick ’71 P’08 **
Mr. and Mrs. Roger W. Dinella ’84 **
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher J. Donato P’18 **
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Douglass IV ’87 **
Mr. John R. Dozsa ’63 P’03 **
Mr. Jeffrey Dumont
Mr. and Mrs. Scott V. Fainor P’20
Mr. Steven L. Feldman ’76
Mr. Michael T. and Ms. Eileen Hamill ’76 Fiore **
Dr. David B. FitzGerald ’76 and Ms. Coleen J. O’Brien **
Mr. Andrew Michael Frucht ’20
Mr. David S. ’85 and Mrs. Christina R. Fryman **
Mr. Marc J. Gallagher ’93 and Ms. Stephanie A. Hayes ’94
Mr. Lawrence J. Gannon ’68 P’01 **
Mr. Stephen B. Genzer ’73 **
Dr. Dru and Mrs. Leann S. Germanoski P’12
Mr. and Mrs. T. Brendan Gilligan ’90 **
Mr. Richard, Jr. ’95 and Mrs. Lisa Martinez ’96 Gilpin
Mr. Mark L. Goldstone ’81 and Ms.* Mindy A. Lieberman ’81 **
Mr.* and Mrs. Leonard W. Grish ’53
Ms. Maryanne Gsell ’89
Mr. and Mrs. James T. Gula P’14
Mr. Allen S. ’78 and Mrs. Janet M. Haddad **
Mrs. Ala Hamilton-Day ’74
Mr. Amos D. Han ’14
Mr. Charles Hanley
Mr. Paul W. Hansen and Ms. Martha Heinze ’86 **
Mr. Thomas Hargest III *
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. Heaney ’86 P’14 **
Mr. William R. Hedden III ’01
Mr. Robert W. and Mrs. Mary Anne Fennell Heino P’23
Mr. J. Alexander Hemphill ’71
Mr. David B. Himmelreich ’76 **
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Hoffman ’00
Mr. Sean M. and Ms. Deborah A. ’91 Horrigan
Mr. Joel D. and Mrs. Chris M. Huppin P’25
Mr. Steven J. ’62 and Mrs. Miriam O. Hyman **
Mr. D. Lee Janvrin `70
Mr. Glenn F. and Mrs. Laurie L. Juhlin P’25
Mr. Mark Justh
Mr. Donald G. Kein ’59 P’94 G’22
Mr. Daniel J. King ’94 and Ms. Lindsay C. Minkus **
Mr. Fred M. Kirby III ’80 * **
Mrs. Amanda Alpert Knight ’99
Mr. Gary Krausz
Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Kruvant ’64 **
Mr. David W. ’88 and Mrs. Karin Pizzo ’88 Kulsar **
Mr. and Mrs. E. Donald Lass ’60 **
Mr. Edwin M Lavino Estatelane
Mr. Douglas B. and Mrs. Marianne K. Lee P’22
Mrs. Caryn Leemon-Krausz
Mr. Maurice M. and Ms. Faith Steinman ’84 Lefkort **
Dr. and Mrs. David A. Leiby ’81 **
Mr. Bradley R. ’87 and Ms. Kristen Gay ’86 Lewis **
Ms. Virginia A. Logan ’81 P’15 and Mr. Joseph Petrille **
Dr. and Mrs. David B. Lomet ’61 **
Mr. Robert J. Longo ’63
Ms. Margaret Liebers Lovelette ’82 **
Ms. Janice Hotra Luddy ’75 **
Mr. and Mrs. Leonard T. Lynch Jr. ’63 **
Dr. Amith K. Majumdar ’95
Dr. Jay M. ’76 and Ms. Andrea Cohen ’78 Malamut
Mr. James F. Mallay ’59 and Ms. Nancy J. Zacha **
Mr. Kevin A. ’89 and Mrs. Leslie Dymond Marks**
Mr. and Mrs. Scott B. McCausland ’91 P’18 **
Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. McCurdy ’82 **
Ms. Jane Holman Miller ’83 **
Mr.* and Mrs. Leon A. Miller ’54 GP’11’12
Mr. Quincy L. Miller ’97
Mr. Joshua L. Miner IV ’73
Mr. George A. Mitchell, III ’75 and Ms. Marsha Montgomery
Mr. Kenneth E. Moor ’63 **
Mr. Richard A. Moore ’69 **
Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Catherine Mueller P’24
Mr. William J. Murgas ’53 **
Mr. and Mrs. Michael K. Neborak ’79 **
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen J. Noxon ’94 P’24 **
Ms. Megan O’Neill ’96 **
Mr. Thomas A. ’90 and Mrs. Allison A. Orecchio
Mr. Stephen Orlando
Mr. Robert B., Jr. ’85 and Ms. Susan Lane ’85 Parsons P’15 **
Mr. William H. Parsons ’52
Mr. Kenneth E. Philhower `77
Dr. and Mrs. N. Earle Pickens ’65
Dr. Alfred S. Pierce ’68
Mr. Leo W. and Mrs. Eve Bullitt Pierce P’09’10 **
Mr. Craig J. Pisani ’90
Ms. Wendy L. Prince and Ms. Nancy E. Stroker P’24
Mr. James H. Proferes ’88
Mr. D. Scott Pyle ’76
Mr. David H. ’93 and Mrs. Kristin L. Pyne P’21
Mr. Michael J. and Mrs. Susan E. Quilty P’25
Mr. Roger E. Rader ’61 **
Mr. and Mrs. William J. Raver ’68 **
Ms. Deborah N. Rhebergen ’03
Ms. Kristin B. Rhebergen ’06
Mr. Christopher L. ’93 and Ms. Sarah Swan Rhinesmith**
Mr. J. Scott ’75 and Ms. Lisa Moore ’77 Rickard **
Mr. and Mrs. Norman W. Riley ’56 **
Mr. Chad F. Ritchie ’02 **
Mr. Ralph C. ’73 and Mrs. Wendy Mayer ’75 Roberts
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Ruthizer ’62 P’00 **
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Sassaman Jr. ’62
Mr. Stephen O. Schlosser ’97
Dr. Paul and Dr. June Schlueter **
Mr.* and Mrs. Philip C. Schneider Jr. ’54 **
Mr. Benjamin D. Schwartz ’69 **
Mr. David C Schwartz
Mr. Kyle M. ’92 and Mrs. Jocelyn Sell **
Mr. Robert S. ’80 and Mrs. Donna Shafir
Mr. Michael R. ’88 and Mrs. Jennifer Shumaker
Mr. A. Barry Simpson ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. Simpson P’18
LCDR Lauren Hugel Snyder ’06
Mr. Neil R. ’93 and Mrs. Heather K. Sosler **
Mr. Robert E. Spadaccia P’02
Mr. Robert J. Stark `92 **
Mr. John T. Sterling ’59
Mr. Mark Suffredini ’93 **
Mr. John W. Sullivan II ’73 **
Mr. Christopher J. ’81 and Mrs. Denise C. Thomas **
Mr. and Mrs. George L. Tiger Sr. ’57 P’81 GP’13 **
Mr. and Mrs. Gunard C. Travaglini ’72 P’05’07 **
Mr. William R. ’81 and Ms. Barbara Strasburg ’84 Tucker P’08’11
Mr. Gregory L. and Mrs. Aileen C. Tuorto P’23
Mr. David E. Unanue ’92
Mr. C. Scott ’85 and Mrs. Lucia Van Cleef
Mr. and Mrs. Carmine A. Venezia P’21
Dr. Christine Masterson Vergura ’92
Dr. Paul P., Jr. ’80 and Mrs. Kimberley Vessa
Mr.* David J. ’78 and Ms. HelenBeth Garofalo ’79 Vilcek **
Dr. Emil Von Arx III ’62
Dr. and Mrs. Marion M. Vujevich ’60 P’87’91 **
Mr. Michael T., Sr. and Ms. Molly M. Walsh P’25
Dr. and Mrs. George H. Watson Jr. ’77 **
Mr. Andrew G. ’04 and Mrs. Valerie Simone ’07 Weisman
Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Werner ’62 **
Mr. Willard R. Whitbred Jr. ’76 and Ms. Catherine A. Hilton ’74 P’11 **
Ms. Wynne A. Whitman ’86
Mr. John M. and Mrs. Michelle M. Williams P’23
Mr. Chad A. ’00 and Mrs. Shaun S. Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Marshall Wolff **
Dr. Robert J. Wolff ’70 **
Mr. and Mrs. Joel M. Wolosky ’64 **
Mrs. Judith C. Yohe W’58 **

Gifts of $1,826 – $4,999

Anonymous (2)
Dr. William B., Jr. ’65 and Mrs. Karen E. Aarons
Mr. Edward I. Ackerman ’87
Mrs. Karen Adelman
Ms. Rebecca Adelman ’19
Mr. Eric S. and Dr. Suzanne M. Adler P’25
Mr. Thomas A. DiGiovanni ’96 and Ms. Amy P. Ahart ’97 **
Mr. Christopher R. ’88 and Mrs. Debra A. Anderson
Mr. Constantin W.L. Andreae ’97
Ms. Martha Andrew
Stanley A., Esq. ’55 and Mrs. Sylvia A. Applebaum
Mr. Donald Applestein ’68
Mr. Matthew J. Ashby ’92
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Atherton ’77 **
Mr. Peter A. and Ms. Mary Stengel ’86 Austen **
Mr. Neil L. Avison ’76
Mr. William I. Bachman ’63
Dr. Darlyne Bailey `74
Mr. Anthony W. Baker ’99
Dr. and Mrs. Edward Baker Jr. ’70
Ms. Mita M Banerjee
Mr. and Mrs. Paul S. Barrett ’63 **
Ms. Ann Huntington Barnett ’74
Mr. Kevin M. and Mrs. Susan L. Barry P’22
Dr. Ralph L. Slaght and Dr. Susan M. Bauman ’74 P’92 **
Mr. Edward R. Bazarian ’76
Mr. Marc A. ’86 and Mrs. Sheila McGrath ’87 Beljan **
Mr. James L. Benjamin ’84 **
Mr. Thomas J. Benjamin ’12 and Ms. Alison M. Finn ’12
Mr. Andrew Bennett
Mr. and Mrs. Gordon J. Bennett P’97
Mr. John K. ’77 and Mrs. Faith Bennett
Ms. Margery C. Bennett ’78 **
Mr. Maurice J. Bennett ’06
Mrs. Melissa Benson
Mr. and Mrs. Nils L. Berglund ’73
Mr. Steven D. Berkowitz ’04 and Ms. Angela M. Coxe ’03 **
Mr. Gregg S. ’02 and Ms. Stacey M. Cromer ’05 Berman **
Mr. Michael C. and Mrs. Elizabeth H. Berman P’24
Dr. and Mrs. Brent Beyer ’80 **
Mr. and Mrs. Kent B. Blazy ’70 **
Mr. Philip J. and Mrs. Erin K. Boeckman P’25
Mr. Steven M. and Mrs. Sarah M. Boggess P’23
Dr. William H. Bohrod ’79 and Ms. Keslie J. Patch-Bohrod
Mr. Douglas C. and Mrs. Christina L. Borden P’25
Mr. and Mrs. Christian F. Bormann P’14
Mr. Kristian J.F. Bornemann ’91 and Ms. Amy Hespenheide **
Ms. Jill Crocker Bornstein ’90 **
Mr. and Mrs. Steven P. Bottcher ’68 **
Mr. and Mrs. Irving Brand ’64 P’92 **
Mrs. Virginia Jane Bretnall W’65
Mr. Thomas J. Feehan Jr. ’79 and Ms. Cecilia J. Brickerd **
Rev. Henry G. Brinton and Dr. Nancy Freeborne-Brinton ’83 P’14
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Broderick ’78 **
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Brown ’77 **
Mr. Michael D. Browne ’83 **
Mr. William M. Buczak ’74 and Ms. Alma R. Scott-Buczak ’74
Mr. Craig H. ’86 and Ms. Janet Fullarton ’86 Buermann
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Burcin ’57 P’80 GP’16 **
Mr. Andrew M. ’93 and Mrs. Sarah M. Burdick
Mr. Jeffrey A. Burger ’76 **
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne S. Burggraaff ’59 **
Mr. and Mrs. Frederic Burk P’21
Mr. John M. and Mrs. Julie G. Burke
Mr. Gary R. and Mrs. Holly E. Burnet Mikula P’21
Dr. Mark S. ’77 and Mrs. Cynthia Scangarella ’76 Butler
Mr. Terence L. Byrd ’74
Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Caesar III ’58 **
Mr. Maurice D. Caldwell ’89
Dr. Joseph E. Calhoun ’83
Mr. Jeffrey M. Callan ’88
Ms. Ariadne Alatzas Capsis ’90
Mr. Anthony M Carpenito
Mrs. Sharon Bogan Carpenito ’99
Mr. Steven P. Chapman ’03 **
Mr. William Cheney
Dr. Nicholas Christopher
Mr. Douglas A. ’71 and Mrs. Barbara Church
Dr. and Mrs. Marc A. Clachko ’67 P’93’98 **
Mr. Brian J. Clark ’04 and Mrs. Katie B. Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. Clement Jr. ’69 **
Mr. William R. Coats ’82
Mrs. Annmarie M Cobb
Mr. Tyrus R., III and Mrs. Annmarie M. Cobb P’25
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel E. Cohen ’65 **
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Colgrove ’73
Mr. Kerry B. ’79 and Mrs. Susan Whitten ’80 Conners
Mr. John Considine
Mr. Robert L. Constant ’76
Mr. and Mrs. John Richard Contarino ’62 **
Mr. and Mrs. Michael R. Contarino ’89
Ms. Patricia Mettler Cook ’75
Mr. Wallace R. ’85 and Mrs. Catherine Flanagan ’86 Cooney
Mr. Brian C. Cort ’99
Mr. John P. ’91 and Mrs. Gail M. Coykendall **
Mr. John F. Crist ’62
Mr. Joseph R. Crobak ’06 and Dr. Julie E. Phelan ’05
Mr. Matthew M. Curcio ’00
Mr. Gary C. Dahms ’80
Mr. Walter E. Daller Jr. ’61 P’93 **
The Hon. Craig A. ’78 and Mrs. Ann C. Dally P’13 **
Mr. Charles H. Daluisio ’80
Ms. Kia N. Damon-Olson
Mr. Gerald V. Dandeneau ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Daniel ’80 **
Mr. John E. Daniel ’57 **
Ms. Melissa J. Daniel
Dr. Allison Crean Davis `88
Dr. and Mrs. Lance A. Davis ’61 P’90 **
Mr. Michael H. Davis ’80 **
Mr. Robert B. Davis ’70
Mr. Gerard B. de Camp ’74 **
Mr. David E. DeLeeuw ’67 and Ms. Treva Holloway **
Mr. Michael S. ’03 and Mrs. Kathleen De Lisi **
Mr. John A. and Mrs. Julie K. Deery P’25
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Deitch ’85 **
Mr. Richard M. Gervase and Mr. Stuart F. Delery P’23 **
Mr. Joseph G. and Mrs. Robyn L. Dell P’25
Timothy E., Esq. ’88 and Mrs. Karin A. DeMasi
Mr. Greg and Ms. Arlina DeNardo **
Mr. Vincent R. DePalma ’79
Mr. Peter F. and Ms. Amy Blumenthal ’77 Desmond P’06’10**
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Devlin ’56 P’81’82’85 GP’12’14 **
Dr. Victor Diaz-Gonzalez ’86 and Dr. Aixa M. Rodriguez-Mariani
Mr. James W. ’85 and Mrs. Mandy Shane ’84 Dicker ’84 P’18’22 **
Mr. Russell R. ’74 and Mrs. Lora Jo Dickhart
Prof. Thomas A DiGiovanni
Mr. Charles Dodge Jr. ’95
Mr. Patrick E. ’93 and Mrs. Kimberly Massih ’93 Dolan
Dr. and Mrs. John B. Donaldson ’70 **
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Donnelly P’18
Mrs. Kristen Kenney Donohue ’90
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred E. Douglass III ’63 P’87’90 **
Mr. Michael H. and Mrs. Amanda H. ’86 Drobac**
Mr. Philip ’81 and Ms. Susan Bollman ’81 Duvall P’12 **
Ms. Catherine V. Earley ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Eatroff ’85 **
Mr. Frank P., Jr. and Mrs. Marie L. Enea P’03’06
Mr. and Mrs. James R. Engelland ’68 P’97 **
Mr. Erik D. and Dr. Laura L. Eselius P’22
Mr. Michael M. and Mrs. Stefania C. Estock P’22
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Evans Jr. ’68 **
Mr. Ivan P Evtimov
Dr. John S. Shaw III and Ms. Carolyn Y. Fang **
Dr. Gabriella Engelhart Farnham ’05
Mr. Terry G., II and Mrs. Sheryl E. Fedor P’23 **
Mr. Andrew S. Feld ’79 and Ms. Carolyn Griffith **
Mr. Thomas J. and Mrs. Kelly M. ’96 Fezza **
Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Fisher ’60 **
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Fistner, Jr. ’00
Mr. Alan FitzGibbon ’53 **
Mr. Thomas E. ’80 and Ms. Adrienne B. ’83 Flanagan **
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald A. Flanzbaum ’58 **
Mr. Gary M. and Dr. Marta P. Flaum
Dr. Karl W. Flessa ’68 and Ms. Mari Jensen **
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Flickinger ’62
Mr. James A. Flowers `69
Mr. Eric B. and Mrs. Catherine M. Foker P’23
Mr. Larry E. Freed ’62
Mr. Michael ’75 and Mrs. Jessica Freeman
Ms. Sherryta Freeman
Mr. Walter G. French ’59 P’83’85 **
Mr. Stephen M. ’88 and Mrs. Jill Friedrich
Mr. and Mrs. Rob J. Frohwein P’19
Mr. Guy George, III ’77 and Ms.* Allison Gary ’80 Gabrielson **
Mr. Dean C. Trautmann ’72 and Ms. Susan Bodner Garelli ’73 P’09 **
Mr. Gregory P. ’98 and Ms. Amy McDonald ’98 Gebauer
Mr. Ronald E. Geesey ’61 P’87 **
Dr. Barton ’70 and Mrs. Catherine C. Gershbein
Mr. Myles S. Getlan ’92
Ms. Elisabetta Ghisini
Mr. Richard S. Gilbert ’62
Mr. Damian M. Gill ’05
Mr. Peter J. Gilligan ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Gilpin ’65 P’95 **
Dr. Brent D. Glass ’69 Hon.D.’03 **
Mr. and Mrs. Marshall J. Gluck ’65 **
Mr. Robert M. Goldsmith ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Goldstein ’80 **
Ms. Diane Gaglia Gottschalk ’84
Mr. Matthew K. Grandon ’12 **
Dr. Alex M. ’80 and Mrs. Sigal Greenberg
Mr. Robert P. Gregory ’78
Mr. Douglas M. and Mrs. Sandra A. Griebel P’23
Ms. Christina L. Griffin ’99 **
Mr. John G. ’87 and Mrs. Donna D. ’88 Groskoph
Dr. Warren O. Groves ’48
Dr. and Mrs. Glenn E. Grube ’57 **
Mr. and Mrs. James J. Haering ’59 **
Ms. Katherine H. Halloran *
Mr. James Martin ’99 and Mrs. Alicia M. Hancik
Mrs. Emily Boyd Hanlon ’95
Mr. and Mrs. Scott M. Harris ’95 **
Mr. Donald E. ’74 and Mrs. Lou Ann Harris
Gordon J. Harris, Ph.D. ’86
Mr. and Mrs. John L. Hatfield ’67 **
Mr. Joseph M. Heaney III ’85
Mr. Marshall H. Heaven and Mrs. Mary Ann Grabavoy Heaven P’25
Mr. Scott A. Heiser ’00 **
Mr. Thomas H. Heist III ’61 and Ms. Karen S. Gartland-Heist P’94 ’00
Mr. Earl D., III and Mrs. Jennifer A. Hergert P’25
Mr. and Mrs. Les Hinton
Mr. Lewis S., III ’88 and Mrs. Lynn Pettersson ’85 Hirt
Dr. Ignatius S., III ’88 and Mrs. Sundae D. Hneleski P’25
Mr. Nicholas B. and Mrs. Alice N. Hofmann P’84
Mr. Guy W. Holman ’84
Mr. Peter T. ’87 and Ms. Pamela Gaary ’88 Holran **
Mr. Andrew N. Horton ’08
Mr. and Mrs. David P. Hourigan ’75 **
Mr. James G. and Mrs. Michelle L. ’90 Hubertus
David R. Hughes, Esq. ’69 and Ms. Elizabeth Sheley
Nicole Farmer Hurd, Ph.D. and Bill Hurd
Dr. Herbert J. ’82 and Ms. Elizabeth Moore ’80 Ingraham
Mr. Vladimir Jacimovic
Reverend Robert A. ’74 and Ms. Deirdre B. ’74 Jacob **
Mr. Richard S. ’78 and Ms. Geraldine C. ’78 Jaffe **
Ms. Robin L. Wiessmann ’75 and Mr. Kenneth M. Jarin P’15 **
Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Kristen Leigh ’89 Johnson
Mr. Adam Joseph
Mr. and Mrs. Francis T. Julia Jr. ’72
Mr. Bryan N. Kahn ’07 **
Dr. Joseph H. ’74 and Dr. Nancy Hochberg ’75 Kahn P’07 **
Mr. Andrew P. Kail ’91 and Mrs. Heidi Kurlander-Kail ’91 **
Ms. Leslie J Kauffman
Mr. and Mrs. William T. Kelleher, Jr. ’73
Mr. Timothy R. and Mrs. Jean S. Kelly P’22
Dr. William L. Keough ’90 **
Mr. Shahreyar H. Khan ’96
Mr. David W. Kiefer ’95
Mr. Gordon S. ’84 and Ms. Lael Conlon ’86 Kiesling P’19 **
Prof. Chawne M Kimber
The Hon. John F. Kingfield ’59 **
Mr.* and Mrs. William A. Kirby ’59 **
Mr. and Mrs. Robert V. Kiser ’74
Mr. David T. Klaus ’99
Mr. Kenneth E. Kligge ’00
Mr. Karl H. Kline ’70
Mr. and Mrs. Dale M. Knecht ’84 **
Mr. Jason ’93 and Ms. Jennifer Box ’95 Knight
Mr. John P. ’97 and Mrs. Holyn Lord Koch
Dr. and Mrs. Richard S. Koplin ’64 P’91 **
Ms. Susan J Kraham
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Kronenberg ’63 **
Mr. Ryan G. Lafferty ’90
Mr. Edwin C. Landis Jr. ’56 GP’13 **
Mr. Edward C. Landry ’87
Mr. Martin J. ’05 and Mrs. Jennifer White ’04 Lawlor
Dr. Joseph K. ’60 and Mrs. Nancy W. Lees
Ms. Kirstin Lees
Mr. Mark T. and Mrs. Carri S. Leininger P’22
Mr. Glenn E. Lesko ’90
Mr. David J. and Mrs. Elisabeth K. Lesser P’23
Mr. Jeffrey B. Letoski ’08
Mr. Jonathan D. Levy `98
Mr. and Dr. Robert J. Longo Jr. ’88 P’21 ’22
Mr. Barry Love ’51
Mr. Sean M. and Mrs. Megan F. Lucey P’23
Mr. Theodore E. Lundberg ’62
Mr. and Mrs. James A. Lyttle ’62 **
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher P. Mack ’04
Mr. Malcom F., IV and Ms. Mimi Moriarty ’93 MacLean **
Ms. Meghan Schuster Madeira ’98
Dr. Daniel M. ’02 and Ms. Wendy Maggin **
Mr. James P. ’00 and Mrs. Lisa Shanahan ’00 Mark
Mr.* and Mrs. George Keith Martin ’68 **
Ms. Barbara Dawson Martinson ’83
Mr. Oscar H. and Mrs. Mary S. Mayer
Ms. Linda Checchio McCarron ’86**
Mr. Glen G. McConky ’70 and Ms. Christine E. Haile **
Mr. Douglas S. McCorkle ’78 **
Gerard M. McGeehan Ph.D. ’80 and Ms. Judy P. Ways **
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas F. McGrail ’55 P’89 **
Prof.* James ’51 and Mrs.* Marjorie D. McGraw
Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. McLean ’64 **
Dr. John E Meier
Ms. Michele L. Michelet ’78 **
Mr. Charles W. Miersch ’68 and Ms. Jill Auston Pranger **
Mr. Allan E. and Mrs. Sharon M. Miller P’25
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel H. Miller P’20
Mr. and Mrs. C. Edward S. Mitchell ’65 **
Mr. Timothy A. ’88 and Ms. Rachel Nelson ’88 Moeller P’21 **
Mr. Thomas E. ’84 and Mrs. Barbara North ’84 Mohler
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Mohr Jr. ’82 P’11 **
Mr. F. Corbin Moister Jr. ’74
Mr. Antonio Mongiovi
Mr. Andrew W. and Mrs. Rebecca Murr ’78 Moody P’12 **
Mr. Andrew A. Moore ’12 and Mrs. Sarah A Frohnapfel Moore ’13
Mr. Michael W. and Mrs. Suzanne R. Moran P’23
Ms. Diane Morgenthaler ’76 **
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick H. Morhart III ’64
Mr. Gavin M. ’96 and Mrs. Nicole Magnant ’98 Morrissey
Mr. and Mrs. Jay Mottola ’72 P’09 **
Richard Z. Freemann, Jr. Esq. and Leslie F. Muhlfelder, Esq. ’81 **
Mr. Kevin D. Murphy ’12
Dr. and Mrs. Hyman B. Muss ’64 **
Mr. Peter A. ’88 and Mrs. Dale J. Najarian **
Ms. Donna M. Neiley ’84
Ms. Elizabeth A. Nelson ’96 **
Mr. Joshua B. Nelson ’96 **
Mr. Gary J Nestler and Ms. Anna S Winderbaum  P’25
Mr. Michael Newsome ’75
Mr. Phillip S. ’88 and Ms. Lorrie Jezierski ’91 Ng
Mrs. Frances B. Nikles W’60
Mr. Christopher K. Nolan ’91
Mr. James P. Nolan ’74
Mr. Stephen K. Norman ’76
Mr. Girard F., III ’75 and Ms. Patricia Clough ’75 Oberrender **
Mrs. Heather Lees O’Donovan ’93
Mr. and Mrs. R. James Oehlert ’61 **
Mr. Daniel R. Olson and Mrs. Kia N. Damon-Olson
Ms. Jan Klocke O’Sullivan ’77
Mr. Keith B. Oxenreider ’93 and Mrs. Angela M. Oxenreider **
Mr. Thomas D. ’78 and Ms. Susan Heyser ’78 Padilla **
Mr. and Mrs. Gene R Pagnozzi
Mr. Latham G. Pali ’98
Ms. Katherine H. Pannell ’88
Ms. Carla Panzitta Santoro ’84
Mr. and Mrs.* Gayle Parker ’56 P’86 **
Dr. Craig Paterson and Mr. Craig J. Strachan P’23
Mr. and Mrs. Douglas F. Patterson ’67 **
Mr. Jason A. Paul ’03
Mr. Richard D. Paynton Jr. ’86 P’23
Mr. and Mrs. Frank J. Peragine ’49 P’84
Mr. Gregory S. ’90 and Mrs. Naomi S. Pesky
Mr. Youlian A. ’01 and Mrs. Melissa Lassiter Petkov
Mr. Andrew E. Petrone ’94 **
Mr. and Mrs. Franklin C. Phifer Jr. ’72 **
Mr. Charles M. and Ms. Elisabeth Hughes ’85 Phillips P’21 ’23
Mr. Bradford C. Pierce ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Glenn R. Pierce ’82 **
Mr. John R. Pineda ’96
Dr. Geoffrey S. and Mrs. Caitlin Pitt P’23
Mr. Donald W. Platts ’73
Dr. Elizabeth L. Ponder ’04
Mr. Matthew J. ’07 and Mrs. Erica A. Potter
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Potter ’54 P’86 GP’04 **
Ms. Louise Miller Prince ’77 *
Mr. Karl W. Pusch ’67
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore F. Raffetto ’77 **
Dr. Joseph C. Rallo ’71
Dr. Meghan C. Ramsey ’04
Mr. David R. ’81 and Mrs. Cheryl S. Rappaport P’13
Dr. Harold Seth ’74 and Dr. Beth G. ’76 Raucher P’10 **
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald T. Richards ’57
Ms. Rhae Anna L. Riegel ’07
Mr. and Mrs. Stuart Brown Robinson ’68 **
Mr. Alan S. Battisti and Hon. Paula A. Roscioli ’87 P’18
Mr. Andrew C. and Mrs. Ann C. Rose P’23
Mr. H. Stephen and Mrs. Nancy Muldberg ’77 Roth
Ms. Rhoda Caren Rothkopf ’74 **
Ms. Carol A. Rowlands ’81 **
Mr. and Mrs. Heinz J. Roye ’70 **
The Honorable and Mrs. William H. Rufe III ’55 P’79’81’84 **
Michael A., Esq. ’77 and Dr. Marion Shapiro ’77 Saffer **
Mr. and Mrs. Alan P. Safir ’55 **
Dr. Laurie B. Samet ’79 **
Mr. Gregory W. Schneider ’00 and Ms. Margaret Day Flores **
Mr. Norman A. Sensinger Jr. ’59
Mr. Barry C. ’71 and Mrs. Laurie J. Shabbick
Mr. James P. Shanahan and Ms. Elizabeth A. ’78 Weiler P’15 **
Mr. Michael P. ’04 and Mrs. Julia Handley ’04 Shannon
Ms. Jacqueline Flynn Shapiro ’80
Dr. Mark V. and Dr. Nancy Keller ’80 Shumeyko P’10’14 **
Mr. James F. Siegel ’84 P’15’16 **
Dr. and Mrs. Robert D. Siegel ’77 **
Mrs. Rochelle Silpe
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Singer ’65 **
Mr. Carlos F. ’69 and Dr. Brenda C. Sison P’10 **
Ms. Shelby A. Fleck Slayton **
Mr. Gary S. Sluck ’92
Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Smith ’67
Mr. Charles F., Jr. ’85 and Mrs. Susanne G. Smith
Mr. Howard Smith Jr. ’80 **
Mr. and Mrs. Richard R. Smith ’80 **
Mr. Charles M. Snyder ’78 **
Mr. Patrick and Ms. Kimberly A. Spang **
Mr. Patrick J. ’96 and Ms. Amy Daniels ’96 Spellman
Dr. Gayle R Spill Ephraim
Mr. Walter S. Spokowski ’78 and Ms. Janice M. Grassia **
Mr. Edward K. Stahl ’83
Ms. Adrienne L. Stark ’04 **
Mr. and Mrs. Adam S. Stauffer **
Mr. and Mrs. Kurt Steckley ’59 **
Mr. Barry E. and Mrs. Lisa Steiner P’22
Mr. Albert N. Stender ’67
Mr. Jamie G. Stilley ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Carl W. Stratton ’81 **
Mr. Benjamin B. and Mrs. Alexandra K. Strong P’25
Mr. Kenneth G. Surowitz ’81 **
Mr. and Mrs. Christy J. Sutton ’70
Mr. John A. and Mrs. Lisa J. Talecki P’22
Ms. Samantha L. Talecki ’22
Mr. John H. ’81 and Mrs. Laurie A. Tall P’22
Dr. Richard B. ’79 and Dr. Margaret Karcnik Tancer P’11 **
Dr. Robert R. ’72 and Ms. Jill Johnson ’72 Tanz P’09 **
Mr. and Mrs. Robert E. Taylor Jr. ’80 **
Mr. Richard P., Jr. ’77 and Mrs. Lisa M. Teets
Mr. Christopher A. ’86 and Mrs. Judith K. Thatcher P’21
Dr. James M. and Dr. Melissa Thoene ’75 Thiel
Dr. John E. Meier and Ms. Trisha A. Thorme
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond R. Thorpe P’89
Dr. Paul Eugene Thurston ’60 **
Mr. William E., Jr. ’93 and Mrs. Corinne T. Thygeson**
Mr. John A. Tolleris ’75
Ms. Barbara A. Toop ’79 **
Mr. Barry E. Trumbauer ’71 **
Mr. Steven M., Sr. and Mrs. Carol A. Tulevech P’22
Mr. and Mrs. Dean T. Umemoto ’64 **
Mr. and Mrs. Gary J. Uzelac ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce A. Vakiener ’62 **
Mr. Hendrik G. Van Oss ’76 **
Mrs. Stephanie Hanus Victor ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Vince F. Villani ’62
Ms. Mary Clark Vines ’91
Dr. Robert A. Volkmann ’67 **
Mr. Raymond W. Weigel ’03 and Dr. Meredith F. Walburg ’03 **
Mr. Clifford H. Wallach P’23
Mr. and Mrs. John B. Ward ’73 P’13 **
Mr. and Mrs. Wayne P. Wavrek ’60**
Ms. Chesla C. Wechsler ’85 **
Ms. Emily K. Weiss `94
Mr. Jonathan W. Weiss ’94
Mr. Mark E. ’90 and Dr. Julianna Eshbach ’90 Weiss
Mr. and Mrs. Julius A. Weiss ’72 **
Dr. Richard G. ’71 and Dr. Lucy C. Weiss **
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph A. White Jr. ’88 **
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. G. White Jr. ’64 P’98 **
Mr. Ellsworth P. Whiteman III ’73
Ms. Linda R. Wilcox ’79
Mr. Scott R. ’89 and Ms. Deborah Kirwan ’90 Wild
Mr. Shaw S. ’03 and Mrs. Alison Ahart ’03 Williams
Mr. Hayes L. ’88 and Mrs. Eileen Daly ’88 Williams
Mr. Michael S. ’92 and Ms. Siobhan Crann ’95 Winograd
Mr. James R. and Mrs. Mary A. Wise P’24
Dr. Nancy Wisnewski ’85
Mr. Alan P. and Mrs. Leslie K. Wolfe P’23
Mr. Frank and Mrs. Natalie N. Wong P’23
Mrs. Lisa D Wong
Mr. George A. Woods ’81 **
Mr. Victor, Jr. and Mrs. Leslie Wortmann P’22
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher A. Wray P’19
Mr. Richard M. and Mrs. Claire E. Yaffe P’25
Mr. Alvin M. Yearwood ’83
Dr. and Mrs. John F. Yerger ’56 **
Mr. John R. Zazzu ’05 **
Mrs. Rochelle G. Zohn
Mr. Jonathan J. Zucker ’03

Gifts of $1,000 – $1,825

Anonymous (25)
Ms. Hailey Nicole Abbott ’22
Dr. Steven Shankman ’77 and Dr. Miri G. Abramis P’18
Ms. Shannon Gregg Agin ’97
Mr. Robert A. Aiello ’54
Mr. Mark S. ’76 and Mrs. Patrice G. Aitken
Dr. and Mrs. David M. Albala ’78
Capt. Carl M. Albero ’57
Mr. James A. ’81 and Mrs. Lynn A. Alexander P’15
Ms. Ariana Aliprantis ’22
Mr. Glenn G. Allen ’22
Dr. Charles R. Allerson ’90
Mr. Christopher J. Allora ’97 and Mrs. Veronica LaMura Allora ’05
Mr. Jonathan and Ms. Anne Marie Santos ’84 Alperin **
Mr. Alan M. Alvarez ’63 **
Mr. Gary F. and Ms. Sarah H. Amico P’25
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Amman ’64 **
Mr. and Mrs. Carl G. Anderson Jr. ’67 P’01 **
Mr. and Mrs. William S. Andrews ’71 P’03’08
Mr. Kenneth Aneckstein ’89
The Honorable Russell W. Annich Jr. ’63 and Dr. Wendy Matthews **
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence H. Appel ’60 **
Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Applestein ’62 **
Ms. Erin R. Arevalo ’22
Dr. John J. ’91 and Mrs. Lisa A. Armbruster
Mr. Ethan N. Arnold ’88
Mr. Stuart L. ’85 and Ms. Kristina Schirmacher ’86 Ashton
Mr. Edward C. Auble ’61 **
Dr. and Mrs. R. Marshall Austin ’71 **
Mr. Gilbert Bachman
Dr. and Mrs. Robert S. Bailey Jr. ’76 **
Ms. Michelle Baker ’92
Mr. Rhodes B. Baker Jr. ’10
Ms. Victoria M. Baker ’10 **
Mr. and Mrs. Michael D. Baldoni ’02
Dr. Frank G. and Ms. Maryann G. Baloh P’24
Mrs. Henry M. Bangser W’52 P’76 **
Mr. John H. Barber ’73
Mrs. Marion Barbero W’51 P’82 **
Mr. Evan A. Barnes ’22
Dr. and Mrs. Roswell P. Barnes Jr. ’50 **
Dr. Anthony J. Barravecchio ’91
Mr. Edward F. Barrese ’69 and Ms. Jean E. Keeting
Ms. Mary-Alice Barrett ’92
Mr. Austin Michael Barry ’22
Mr. William R. Barry ’22
Mr. Richard S. Bartlett ’72
Ms. Natalie Norteman Bartner ’89
Ms. Erin Bass-Goldberg ’89
Ms. Kirsten E. Bauer ’90
Mr. and Mrs. R. Edward Baumgardner ’61
Mr. Francis X. Baur, Jr. ’90
Mr. Jeffrey J. Bean ’82 **
Ms. Laree L. Beans
Mr. David Jeffrey Bednar ’18
Mrs. Ann Shellenberger Bell ’76 **
Mr. John Robert Bell ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph E. Bell Jr. ’63 **
Mr. Ryan D. Bell ’93
Mr. Matthew L. ’01 and Mrs. Megan Bodtke ’03 Belson
Mr. and Mrs. J. Richard Beltram
Mr. and Mrs. Charles R. Bennett ’58 **
Mr. and Mrs. James D. Bennett P’17
Mrs. Veronica DeBerardine Bennett ’82
Mr. Peter M. Gottlieb and Ms. Roberta Bennett-Gottlieb ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick S. Benson III ’59 **
Ms. Jennifer Eng Berg ’87
Mr. Ryan T. Berry ’22
Mr. Scott ’81 and Mrs. Polly B. Beyer P’15
Ms. Kristen L. Binder ’20
Mr. Barry N. Birnbaum ’69 **
Mr. Steven R. and Ms. Jean Hazlett ’85 Bitner
Mr. Robert J. Bliwise ’76 **
Mr. John F. Bloss ’22
Mr. Eric Bock ’87
Ms. Erica Stacey Bonime ’80 **
Mr. Eva C. Borden ’99 **
Mr. Jack W. Borden ’25
Dr. Barbara Bower ’90
Dr. Norman W., Jr. ’64 and Dr. Julianne M. Boyd **
Mr. Evan Laurence Braasch ’22
Ms. Susan B. Bravman ’82
Mr. and Mrs.* George T. Brecht Jr. ’53 **
Mrs. Katharine Day Bremer
Ms. Nancy E. Brennan ’74 **
Ms. Sara McCall Broderick ’85
Ms. Elena Degnan Brody ’95
Ms. Lily C. Bronstein ’21
Mr. Joseph R. Bronzo ’18
Mr. Frederick D. Brown Jr. ’89
Ms. Janet M. Brown ’80 **
Mr. Frederick D. Brown, Jr. ’89 and Mrs. Julie E. Brown
Dr. Tanya K. Brubaker ’94
Dr. Thomas H. and Mrs. Susan Bruggink **
Dr. Bruce H. Brundage ’60
Mrs. Christine Agocs Bucca ’81
Mr. Nathan G. James ’08 and Ms. Trista M. Burke ’07
Ms. Hannah J. Burlein ’22
Ms. Nora C. Burns ’25
Ms. Emily Gould Burton ’05 **
Mr. Jack A. Burton ’22
Mr. Timothy E. Buscheck ’77
Mr. and Mrs. George S. Butz ’51
Dr. Armando M. Byrne Jr. and Dr. Deborah D. Jaworski P’24
Mr. Laurence M. Cafritz ’85
Dr. James B. Ehrlich ’76 and Ms. Janet L. Cagen
Dr. Gregory T. Caldwell ’90
Mr. Kevin J. ’77 and Mrs. Patricia H. Callahan
Mr. Christopher G. Camisa ’93
Mr. Frank Campbell Jr. ’74 **
Dr. Kurtis A. and Ms. Lisa M. Campbell P’25
Mr. Patrick J. Lennon ’03 and Mrs. Wynne C. Campbell ’05
Dr. Matthew S. Cantner ’97 and Mrs. Shaleighne Mary Cantner
Ms. Danielle P. Carr ’22
Dr. Michael P. Carson ’88
Mr. and Mrs. John C. Carter P’09
Mr. Stephen T. Caruso ’06 **
Mr. William F. Chabala ’22
Mr. Wesley E., Jr. ’68 and Mrs. Marcia M. Chalker
Ms. Debra Waldele Champagne ’76 **
Mr. Benjamin D. Chaplin ’19
Dr. Kenneth D. ’83 and Mrs. Nadine K. Chavin **
Mr. John E. Chelstowski ’22
Ms. Jenny Chen ’22
Ms. Leigh Grygotis Cherry ’91
Dr. and Mrs. Alan W. Childs P’00’04 **
Mr. Frank V. and Ms. Laurie A. Chisesi P’99’01
Mr. and Mrs. David F. Choate III ’70 **
Mr. Benjamin Chrin ’78
Ms. Gretchen Christophe ’22
Mr. Jason D. Ciampaglia ’22
Mr. A. Kevin Cimei ’84
Dr. Debra A. Cipriani ’80
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen R. Clark ’79 **
Mr. and Mrs. Richard F. Close III P’20
Mr. Alexander Theodore Clow ’14
Dr. Thomas D. Coats ’84
Mr. Benjamin B. Cohen ’22
Mr. Michael G. Cohn ’04
Mrs. Penny Lacey Cohn P’06
Dr. Robert L. Cohn P’12
Dr. Kenneth D. Cole ’71
Mr. David S. and Mrs. Gwen L. Coleman P’22
Mr. Ross M. Coleman ’22
Mr. Mark R. ’82 and Ms. Louise Seto ’81 Coles **
Mr. Christopher D. and Mrs. Nancy A. Collins P’23
Mr. Raymond F. Conger ’07
Ms. E. Samantha Cally Conlan ’92
Mr. G. David Foster ’65 and Ms. Nancy E. Connell **
Mr. Michael A. Conte ’86
Mr. Nicholas Contos ’71
Mr. Jeremy P. ’77 and Dr. Susan L. ’79 Cooley
Dr. Robert F. ’95 and Mrs. Beth Ann D. ’97 Coombs **
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald M. Coombs P’20
Dr. Robert J. Coraor ’71
Mr. Brian P. Corcoran ’93
Mr. Henry Corigliano Jr. ’76 **
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Cornell Jr. ’62 P’91 **
Mr. Richard J. Cotter ’84
Mr. Jonathan C. Couch 91 and Mrs. Susan J. Curtin ’92
Dr. Joseph T. Cox ’68 Hon.D.’13 P’03 and Ms. Kathy Stevenson **
Mr. William G. Crawford ’60
Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas Cullen Jr. ’64
Dr. Patrick J. and Mrs. Kimberly D. Culligan P’24
Ms. Laura Bailey Culp ’82 **
Mr. Simon Curtis-Ginsberg ’20
Ms. Emily Ritz Cutler ’93
Mr. James Michael Dailey ’21
Dr. John R. and Dr. Elizabeth M. Dailey P’18
Mr. Roman J. Daniel ’22
Dr. Fred A. Daniele ’80
Mr. Peter Gray and Ms. Stacey Donofrio ’99 D’Arcy **
Mr. H. Blair Daugherty ’60 **
Mr. and Mrs. John Davies ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas E. Davies ’66 **
Ms. Elsie Rogers Davis ’75
Mr. Jonathan R. Davis ’22
Mr. Neil R. ’75 and Ms. Elsie Rogers ’75 Davis
Dr. Richard E. Davis ’76
Mr. Anthony R. ’92 and Mrs. Elizabeth Bassett ’93 De Paolo
Mr. John C. de Ruyter ’73
Mr. James F. and Mrs. Helen Deegan P’22
Ms. Leanna Marie Deegan ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Edward K. DeHope ’74 **
Ms. Laine F. Delmotte ’25
Mr. Peter A. Demareski ’23
Mr. Roger A. Demareski P’23
Ms. Carolyn Rodichok Denier ’02
Mr. Evan C. ’84 and Mrs. Joan Deoul **
Mr. and Mrs. Barry A. Depew ’79 **
Mr. Gerard M. Devlin ’72
Mr. Daniel M. DiCarlo III ’93
Ms. Caroline A. Dicker ’22
Mr. John P. ’88 and Mrs. Debra N. ’88 Dionis
Dr. Deborah E. Dixon ’79
Mr. Paul S., III ’90 and Mrs. Christine M. Doherty
Dr. and Mrs. Robert B. Domush ’63 P’91 **
Mr. Rasheim J. Donaldson ’06
Ms. Grace C. Donato ’22
Ms. Riley Ann Dowd ’22
Dr.* and Mrs. Frank M. Downing ’51 **
Mr. Richard M. ’86 and Mrs. Lisa Drobner
Mr. Mark Duarte-Silva Barry ’22
Mr. Edward B. Dufton ’69
Mr. Thomas M. Dunlap ’94
Mr. William N. Haddad Sr. and Ms. Deirdre K. Dunn-Haddad P’22
Mr. Cole Armand Dutton ’22
Mr. John ’92 and Mrs. Melissa LaBov ’93 Dweck
Dr. and Mrs. Stephen H. Eccher ’65 **
James Drury Egan IV ’20
Mr. Donald De Wolfe Ehre ’71
Mr. Lawrence D. Ellenberg ’96
Mrs. Marlene Ely W’76
Mr. George Andrew Enman ’22
Ms. Eden B. Ephraim ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph S. Epstein ’65 **
Mrs. Karen Griffin ’87 and Mr. Charles A. Ernst IV P’21
Mr. Erik J. Eselius ’22
Ms. Julia Rose Eustace ’22
Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Elizabeth Huston ’76 Fadem
Ms. Linlin Fang P’22
Dr. Peter M. Izmirly ’93 and Ms. Lucy Farr
Ms. Ann Pisetzner Fatsi ’88
Ms. Carolyn Anne Feigeles ’22
Ms. Jacklyn Collins Fein ’21
Mr. Barry M. Felzenberg ’79 and Ms. Carol R. Nelson-Felzenberg ’82
Mr. Michael M. Feng ’22
Mr. Marshall Ferrin
Ms. Aidelynn Figueroa ’16
Mr. Jeffrey Eric Finegan, Jr. ’16
Mr. Robert C. ’12 and Mrs. Lauren Curley ’12 FitzPatrick
Mr. Matthew Ryan Fiume ’22
Mr. Jay H. and Mrs. Natalie K. Flamme P’25
Mr. Kyle P. Flanagan ’22
Mr. John Galliker Floyd-Jones ’21
Ms. Elizabeth C. Flynn ’25
Mr. Joaquin Font ’19
Mr. John C. Forrey ’83 **
Mr. G. David Foster ’65
Mr. Michael C. Fox ’99
Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Frankel ’58
Mr. David W. Fraser ’69 **
Mr. Donald C. Frederickson ’66
Dr.* Bernard and Ms. Grace J. Fried
Ms. Mary Sleight Friend ’75 **
Mr. and Mrs. William H. Friesell IV ’66 **
Ms. Catherine Futterman ’20
Mr. Scott H. ’75 and Mrs. Jane H. Gamber **
Mr. Gregory A. ’89 and Ms. Lauren Krause ’90 Garbacz
Dr. Victor Garber ’57 and Ms. Joan B. Renner **
Mr. and Mrs. Bradford A. Gardner ’72
Ms. Caroline M. Garti ’22
Mr. Carl B. Gebhard ’66
Mr. Fritz C. Gebhard ’71
Mr. and Mrs. R. Jay Geiger ’62 **
Mr. Alexander M. Gent ’24
Mr. Timothy E. Gerhart ’80 **
Ms. Alisha Shivali Ghai ’20
Ms. Lindie Louise Gibbs ’22
Mrs. Sonia A. Gichner W’52 **
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Gicking ’60 **
Ms. Eve A. Gilbert
Mr. Gary N. Gildersleeve ’75
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Giles Jr. ’64**
Mr. Richard W. Gill ’78 **
Mr. and Mrs. William Gillies Jr. ’78
Mr. S. Tighe Gillis ’88
Ms. Deborah M. Giordano ’84
Mr. James D. ’83 and Mrs. Deirdre M. Glascott **
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey R. Glascott ’79 P’10’12’15 **
Mr. George J. Goettelmann Jr. ’95
Ms. Lisa K. Goetz ’75
Ms. Kathryn Skye Gonick ’20
Ms. Elizabeth A. Good ’22
Ms. Mary Day Gould ’22
Mr. Bruce A. Graham ’86 and Ms. Valeri H. Kay
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Graham ’56 **
Dr. Eric V. Granowitz P’21
Mr. Horst G. Greczmiel ’74 and Ms. Marie F. Fernandez-Greczmiel
Mr. Adam J. Greene ’05
Mr. James Harrison Greenhill ’21
Dr. Daniel J. Greenholz ’55 **
Mr. Jerry Gregory Jr.
Ms. Marie Bilotti Grimm ’82
Dr. Robert A. Grossman ’63
Mr. Peter S. ’85 and Ms. Karen Siegel ’85 Gruenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Robert S. Gursky ’62
Ms. Meghan D. Haddad ’21
Mr. Hubert W. Hagadorn ’59
Mr. Christopher S. ’97 and Ms. Laura Hoxie ’98 Hagenbuch
Mr. Andrew J. Hahn ’94
Mr. Gregory Hahn
Mr. Kenneth S. Hahn ’92
Mr. Bruce E. ’73 and Mrs. Patricia M. ’75 Haines
Dr. Joanne Halbrecht ’85
Ms. Julia Fleener Hamrick ’81
Mr. David F. Hanke ’16
Dr. Catherine A. Hanlon ’79
Dr. Berthold K. Hannes and Mrs. Christine Hannes-Bengal P’23
Dr. David E. Hardt ’72
Mr. Thomas A. Harobin ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Norman R. Harpster Jr. ’73 **
Mr. Grant Bissey Hartman ’21
Mr. Derin T. Hartmann ’22
Ms. Tina Polhemus Hartnett ’92
Ms. Diana Hasegan-Dan ’10
Mr. Paul B. and Mrs. Celeste K. Haskel P’20
Mr. James Joseph Hastie ’22
Mr. Noah C. Hawk ’99
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Hayes ’71 P’97’00 **
Mr. and Mrs. W. Daniel Headington ’64 P’90 **
Mrs. Amy Giacobone Healy ’04
Mr. Gary W. Herschman ’86
Mrs. Alison W. Hertell ’07
Ms. Sharon Grossman Herzog ’97
Dr. Robert A. Heyman ’54**
Mr. Aidan P. Hinchey ’22
Ms. Kelsey M. Hiney ’22
Mr. Thomas H. and Mrs. Elizabeth G. Hipp P’22
Mr. Henry T. Hipp ’22
Mr. Robert J. ’92 and Mrs. Carey L. Hneleski P’25
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald D. Hochman ’55 **
Mrs. Margaret Hoerner W’51
Ms. Nancy A. Hoerner
Mr. Charles M. Hogate III ’72
Ms. Alyssa C. Hollander `14
Ms. Rachel L. Hollander `11
Mr. Christian W. Hollar ’22
Ms. Christina Newell Hollingsworth ’96
Mr. John N. ’62 and Mrs. Dorothy Holme
Mr. and Mrs. George J. Hossenlopp ’65 P’92 **
Mr. Patrick Howard
Mr. and Mrs. Robert P. Howard ’61 **
Mr. and Mrs. Lembhard Howell ’58
Mr. Mark V. and Ms. Jennifer S. Huber P’25
Ms. Sophia Cosette Hudson ’22
Mrs. Laura Cullen Huibregtse ’09
Mr. Jeffrey Yoon Hummel ’21
Prof. Gladstone A. Hutchinson
Mr. Peter B. `90 and Mrs. Maryann L. Hutchinson P’21 ’23
Mr. Stephen J. Hutnik ’70
Dr. Noriko Iikuni ’93
Dr. George R. Imel ’70
Mr. George R. Ince Jr. ’65 **
Mr. James C. Ingram ’71 and Contance M. Pechura, Ph.D.
Mr. John F. and Mrs. Natasha W. Ippolito P’23
Mr. Thomas J. Jackman Jr. ’82
Mrs. W. Robert Jacobs W’50
Ms. Melanie Armstrong Jaenicke ’94 and Mr. Brian T. Jaenicke
Dr. and Mrs. William E. D. Jantzen Jr. ’75 **
Mr. Alexander W. Jarin ’15
Mr. Justin Peter Johnson ’22
Ms. Nicole M. Johnson ’22
Mr. Christopher A. Johnston ’99
Lt. Col. (USA Ret) Harry M. ’66 and Mrs. Gloria Hodges Jones **
Dr. and Mrs. Maulik S. Joshi ’90 **
Ms. Melissa Kennedy Jurick ’93 **
Ms. Lisa Kadin ’84 and Mr. William Spiegel
Mr. David E. Kafafian `13
Mr. Arthur Kaiser and Ms. Connie Lotz P’09
Mr. and Mrs. Paul Kaliades P’03
Ms. Noelle Makowski Kalin ’78
Mr. Kenneth J. Kaplan ’68
Mr. Jordan B. Karp ’22
Dr. and Mrs. Donald M. Kastenbaum ’77 **
Ms. Elizabeth Plotkin Keil ’01 **
Mr. Wah Loon Keng ’16
Ms. Kathleen Garvey Kennedy ’77
Mr. Kerry B. Kenny ’07
Mr. Douglas C. Kerridge ’89
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald E. Keyser ’56 **
Mr. Evan Christopher Kiah ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Kintzer ’69 P’03 **
Mr. Samuel Spotswood Kirby ’22
Mr. Ryan Lenihan Kirkwood ’22
Mrs. Melynne E. Klaus
Mr. Stephen H. Konya ’96
Mr. Frank R. Koons Jr. ’57 and Mrs. Ellen Maffey-Koons **
Mr. Jonathan M. Kopcsik ’92 and Ms. Paige W. Macfarlan ’90 **
Mr. Kevin S. Koplin ’91
Dr. and Mrs. Mark I. Koshar ’70 **
Mr. Kevin N. and Mrs. Sarah H. ’91 Kozlowski
Mr. Jonathan T. Kratzer ’09 and Ms. Elizabeth A. Wehler ’09 **
Dr. Bruce R. ’69 and Mrs. Marilyn Kressel
Mr. and Mrs. Sean D. Kron ’93 **
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kuhn ’67
Mr. Lawrence R. ’81 and Mrs. Leslie W. Kulig
Mr. Scott G. Kyreakakis ’87
Ms. Tanya Ruiz La Force ’92
Dr. and Mrs. John N. Labows Jr. ’63 **
The Hon. and Mrs. Thomas J. LaConte ’70 P’00’03 **
Mr. Richard B. Lambeck ’63
Ms. Kendall S. Lamm ’24
Dr. E. Gary ’76 and Mrs. Mary Lamsback P’13
Mr. R. Joseph Landy ’76
Mr.* Christopher J. ’89 and Mrs. Elisa LaPietra
Ms. Lauren M. Lapsley ’22
Dr. and Mrs. David C. Larned ’73
Mr. Timothy James Larsen ’22
Ms. Paulette Pera Laurenzi ’89 **
Mr. Ian P. ’06 and Mrs. Kristin ’09 Law
Mr. Roger A. and Mrs. Susan K. Lazarus P’22
Ms. Maggie E. Ledwith ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Terry J. Lee ’69 P’89
Mr. Ian D. Lee ’22
Ms. Tara T. Leininger ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey A. Leonard ’82 **
Ms. Lauren Danielle Leontas ’22
Ms. Cecelia A. Lesnick ’22
Mr. Michael W. Lestingi ’04
Mr. Jeffrey S. Levin `75
Mr. Alan B. Levine ’76 **
Mr. Marc D. Levine ’90
Mr. Jacob A. Levy ’19
Ms. Angela K. Lewis
Mr. Arthur E. Lewis ’84
Mr. and Mrs. Robert R. Lewis ’71 P’17 ’19 ’23 **
Mr. Lawrence Atlee Light ’71
Ms. Claudine D. Lilien ’90
Mr. Peter M. Lindgren ’22
Dr. Charles W. Lindsay ’79
Mr. David Z. Lipner ’98
Dr. Michael A. Lipsitt ’72
Mrs. Dawne Martin Litterst ’82
Mr. and Mrs. Richard W. Logan Jr. ’50 **
Mrs. Vanessa E. Lopera-Madrid ’08
Mr. Alexander D. LoPresti ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Loughlin ’53 P’83 **
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas G. Loughlin ’83
Mrs. Amanda L. Lukof ’08
Mr. Daniel J. Lupia ’16
Dr. and Mrs. Charles J. Lusch ’57 P’80 **
Ms. Gillian A. MacDonald ’22
Mr. Gregory V. and Ms. Victoria A. MacDonald P’22
Ms. Jane Lee MacDonald ’91
Stephen J., Esq. ’82 and Mrs. Theresa A. Macri **
Mr. William J. Macy ’22
Mr. Wayne L. and Mrs. Suzanne Gould ’78 Maggin P’13
Mr. James D., II ’14 and Ms. Shelby M. Maguire
Mr. Michael C. ’95 and Dr. Courtney Maguire
Mr. Walter S., III and Mrs. Kathleen A. Mahle P’23
Mrs. Maribel H. Maldonado ’85
Mr. Konstantine B. and Mrs. Georganne K. Mallas P’24mcdon
Ms. Jennifer J. Mandelson ’97
Mr. John J., Jr. ’89 and Mrs. Michele G. Mangini P’22
Mr. Ryan M. Mangini ’22
Mr. Brian D. ’91 and Mrs. Ebru Misirli Mansfield **
Mr. Robert S. Marcus ’62
Mr. David A. Markowitz ’93
Dr. Carmen J. Marsit `00
Dr. and Mrs. J. Ronald Martin ’66
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel A. Martin ’67 **
Mr. William J Martin Jr.
Mr. Eric Martocci ’17
Ms. Gabrielle Martone ’19
Mr. Alexander G. Matthes ’22
Ms. Haley R. Matthes ’19
Mr. William H. McAlpine ’22
Mr. Timothy B. ’81 and Mrs. Connie A. McAndrew
Mr. Clyde M. McBride ’49
Mr. William M. ’82 and Ms. Kathleen Berejka ’83 McCartan
Ms. Mary T. McCarthy ’85
Mr. Kyle F McClure ’04
Ms. Maureen J. McCormack ’22
Dr. Edward D. McCormick `71
Mr. D. Christian ’89 and Mrs. Kirsten C. McCumber
Mr. Ian M. ’09 and Mrs. Cara A. ’10 McCutcheon
Mr. Bruce L. ’86 and Mrs. Sally Schwartz ’86 McDermott **
Mr. Mark S. and Mrs. Nanette W. McDonald P’24
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy J. McDonald ’64
Ms. Dana Gould McFerran ’96
Ms. Stephanie Tolischus McGovern ’96 **
Mr. Gerard J. McGowan Jr. ’75
Mr. Christopher J. McGrail ’90 **
Mr. Brian T. McGrath ’72 and Dr. Carmen Paradis
Mr. Michael A. McGrew ’63
Mr. James B. and Ms. Hillary Spiro ’77 McGuire
Ms. Amy Koons McHugh ’82 **
Mr. John S. and Mrs. Kathleen S. McLalchlan P’23
Ms. Maureen Kelly McLaughlin ’84
Ms. Ann W. McMahon
Ms. Stephanie Pollock McSwain ’91
Mr. Richard H. Meer ’63
Mr. John C. ’74 and Mrs. Patricia P. Meier
Mr. Bradford L. Meigs ’71
Ms. Emma Jane Menkowitz ’23
Mr. Edward W. Mentzer ’55
Mr. Michael A. Merola ’92
Mr. and Mrs. William L. Messick ’68
Mrs. Stephanie N. Messina ’04
Sam Michaels
Mrs. Stacie Truesdell Michaels ’02
Mr. and Mrs. Frederick G. Michaud Jr. ’68
Mr. and Mrs. Paul J. Mignon ’89 **
Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Miller ’65 **
Mr. John A. Miller ’60**
Mr. Michael J. Miller ’01 and Mrs. Alison Riley Miller **
Dr. Lara Diamond Minahan ’92 **
Mr. Jeffrey A. and Mrs. Danuta Miner P’22
Ms. Natasha Eva Miner ’22
Mr. Dylan R. Minghini ’22
Ms. Isabelle Marie Moger ’22
Mr. Michael A. Monteleone ’87
Mr. Erik V. ’94 and Mrs. Sharon D. Moody
Mr. Charles E. Moore ’53
Mr. and Mrs. H. David Moore Jr. ’53 P’75 **
Mr. Robert Moore ’55 P’86’89**
Dr. and Mrs. Donald E. Morel Jr. ’79 P’18 **
Mr. Michael Anthony Morgan **
Mr. Joseph T. ’87 and Mrs. Daria Link ’86 Morrissey
Mr. Michael J. Morrissey P’25
Mr. Bruce R. Morrow ’74
Mr. James D. Mower, Jr. ’12
Mr. Garrison Hunton Mueller ’21
Ms. Marguerite T. Mukherjee ’22
Mr. and Mrs. John R. Mulcahy, II ’87
Mr.* and Mrs. C. Lawrence Murphy ’58 P’92 **
Ms. Rose M. Murphy ’22
Mr. John ’84 and Mrs. Kathryn Murray **
Mrs. Mary Louise Murray W’57
Prof. Chip and Mrs. Sidney L. Nataro
Mr. John J. Natisin Jr. ’96
Mr. Patrick L. Naugle ’70
Mr. Thomas G. Neale ’92
Ms. Lucinda I. Neely ’22
Mr. Adam G. Ness ’17
Mr. Ryan Smith Ness ’22
Ms. Natalie M. Neumann
Mr. Kenneth C. Newman ’72
Ms. Olivia M. Newman ’22
Mr. Christopher W. ’86 and Ms. Catherine Hayes ’86 Nolan
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Nolf ’64
Mr. Harry D., Jr. ’74 and Ms. Teresa Persing ’75 Norton **
Mr. Elwood R. Noxon ’63
Dr. Leroy D. Nunery, II ’77
Mr. Andrew G. Nygren ’89**
Mr. Peter G. Oberrender ’15
Mr. John P. O’Boyle P’23
Ms. Lisa Cardali O’Brien ’89
Dr. Charis Kozic O’Connor ’96
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas R. Odjakjian ’76 **
Mrs. Elizabeth Ohnegian ’60 P’90’94 **
Mr. Nathan J. and Ms. Kristine M. Oleson P’25
Mr. Nicholas R. Orzol ’13
Mr. and Mrs. Robert C. Osborne ’50 **
Mr. James F. O’Sullivan ’77
Ms. Allison R. Paglia ’22
Mr. Todd A. ’05 and Mrs. Samantha Freeman ’04 Palo
Mr. Dengzhao Pan ’09
Ms. Autumn M. Paone ’22
Dr. Ted G. Papalimberis P’25 and Dr. Laurie A. Sutherland P’25
Mr. Nicholas G. Patruno ’22
Dr. Walter J. Pedowitz ’65
Prof. Ilan Peleg
Mr. Jeffrey J. Penneys ’67
Dr. Joseph F. Perno ’92
Ms. Ilene Leopold Persoff ’75
Mr.* and Mrs. Kenneth J. Petersen P’10 **
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Petruzzellis ’71 **
Ms. Kelly M. Pettit ’04
Ms. Alexandra M. Phelan ’22
Mr. Edwin J. Phelps Jr. ’56
Mr. Samuel S. Philipp ’12
Dr.* and Mrs. David A. Piacente ’69
Dr. Bradley P. and Dr. Katharine S. Pickett P’23
Ms. Janelle M. Pierson ’12
Mr. Jared R. ’12 and Mrs. Emily Landau ’13 Piette
Dr. Angel R. Pineda ’95
Ms. Gioia M. Pisano ’90
Major David P. Pletcher ’78
Mr. Lawrence Plummer ’55 and Ms. Prudence Churchill **
Ms. Layna R. Podolsky ’20
Mr. Matthew Podwoski ’94 and Ms. Aran P. Roche ’95
Mr. Edward F. and Dr. Joanne C. ’86 Pohl P’21
Ms. Marianne Johnston Poisel ’85
Mr. James H. Pooley ’70 and Ms. Laura-Jean Anderson **
Mrs. Miriam R. Pope P’74
Mr. Louis W. Potts ’66
Mr. William M.E., III and Dr. Linda Graziano ’79 Powers **
Mr. Christopher M. Pregler `12
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Price ’60 **
Mr. and Mrs. David A. Prill ’70
Mr. James N. ’96 and Mrs. Kara H. Proctor
Dr. Jules D. Prown ’51 **
Mr. and Mrs. L. Budd Prus ’76 **
Mr. Stephen D. ’71 and Mrs. Kathleen Wheeler ’74 Pryor **
Mr. Robert T. Quackenboss Jr. ’87
Mr. Frederick C. Raffetto ’87
Ms. Rithika S. Raghav ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Vijay Rajguru ’84
Ms. Rebeka F. Ramangamihanta ’16
Ms. Charlotte C. Rath ’17
Mr. and Mrs. Daniel B. Rath P’17
Mr. Michael V. Recker ’90
Mr. Praveen K. Reddy `98
Mr. Joseph R. Reichard, Jr. `68
Mr. Paul N. Reid ’80
Mr. John G. Reilly ’18
Ms. Tricia B. Reilly ’16
Mr. G. Jeffrey Reynolds ’70
Ms. Caroline J. Richardson ’10
Ms. Emily E. Richter ’22
Dr. Ian A. ’00 and Mrs. Kristie M. ’00 Rippke
Mr. Davis R Rittmaster
Mr. Michael P Rittmaster
Mr. and Mrs. Donald A. Robbins ’64
Ms. Rachel F. Robertson ’18
Mr. James P. and Mrs. Lauri S. Robinson P’23
Mr. Benjamin C. and Mrs. Megan R. Rogers P’25
Ms. Kimberly Carol Rogers ’85
Ms. Sara M. Rogers ’25
Mr. and Mrs. David R. Rose Jr. ’88 **
Mr. Lawrence A. Ross ’72
Mr. and Mrs. John T. Rossi ’72 **
Ms. Kendall R. Rothfus ’22
Mr. Robert A. Rothman ’66
Mr. Matthew J. ’99 and Ms. Jennifer Heim ’99 Roux
Mr. Mark W. ’93 and Mrs. Sandra E. ’93 Rowland
Mr. Timothy R. Rubin ’88
Mr. and Mrs. Richard D. Rudder ’63 **
Mr. and Mrs. Alfred R. Ruesch ’61 **
Mr. James F. ’81 and Ms. Elizabeth Bright ’82 Rufe P’12
Ms. Katrina Nicole Ruggiero ’20
Mr. Raymond J. Rumsey ’77
Mr. Robert G. and Dr. Alice H. Rusk P’23
Mr. K. Matthew ’97 and Ms. Megan Cooper ’98 Rutt
Mr. Roger A. Demareski and Ms. Kristine V. Ryan P’23
Mr. and Mrs. Henry D. Ryder ’67 P’00’01’05 **
Mr. Daniel P. Sachs ’22
Mr. Stephen Kittredge Sajer ’22
Ms. Lauren G. Salbinski ’23
Mr. Edward D., Jr. and Mrs. Leslie L. Sandidge P’24
Ms. Autumn Riley Sands ’22
Mr. Emanuel and Mrs. Claudia Santa-Donato P’10
Mr. John C. Santos III ’23
Mr. Joseph A. ’03 and Mrs. Kristen Quigley ’04 Saporetti **
Mr. Anthony J. Sarlo ’22
Mr. Zachary Savage ’22
Dr. Eugene A. ’64 and JoAnne Belenchia Ph.D. Scanlan **
Mr. Gilbert E. Schill Jr. ’68 and Ms. Virginia P. Joyner **
Ms. Jane J. Schindewolf ’82
Mr. Jesse Ian Schmeizer ’22
Mr. Andrew M. Schnall ’10
Mr. Howard M. Schoor ’61 P’84 and Ms. Frances A. Loscoe **
Mr. Colton David Schrettner ’22
Prof. Ute Schumacher
Brig. Gen. William J. Schumacher Ret. ’60 *
Mr. David C. ’98 and Mrs. Genine Darrough ’98 Schwartz
Mr. Charles Reed and Mrs. Lenka Scott P’23
Ms. Samantha M. Scott ’23
Mr. Gary A. and Mrs. Cary Bangser ’76 Scottoline **
Mr. and Mrs. William E. Sedwick ’65
Mr. Quintin D. Sefton ’22
Dr. George J. and Dr. Priscilla Gabilondo ’95 Selembo
Mr. Stephen M. ’90 and Mrs. Robin Karcher ’91 Sell
Mr. Richard B. Sellars Jr. ’64
Dr. and Mrs. Samuel R. Selzer ’63 **
Ms. Grace Sette ’83
Mr. Colin J. Shalk ’22
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Shannon ’70 P’00’00 **
Mr. Carson W. Shaw ’22
Mr. Mark R. ’84 and Ms. Tara Glock ’90 Sheeleigh
Mr. Scott M. ’02 and Ms. Elizabeth Lamm ’02 Shields
Mr. Richard C. Shupp Jr.
Ms. Katharine C. Siebert ’21
Ms. Barbara Kerlavage Siegel ’79
Dr. James A. ’65 and Dr. Andrea Megala Simmons P’10
Ms. Haley E. Simpson ’22
Mr. David P. Sison ’10
Dr. Barry Sleckman ’83 **
Mr. Gregory R. ’79 and Mrs. Anne D. Slonaker
Mr. and Mrs. Henley L. Smith ’51 **
Mr. and Mrs. Richard P. Smith Jr. ’77
Ms. Suzanne G. Smith ’75
Ms. Pauline Buckingham Sohn ’82
Mr. Jose L. Soto Fuentes ’09
Mr. William A. ’71 and Mrs. Lynn M. Sprecher **
Professor John L. ’69 and Mrs. Mary Squarcia **
Mr. and Mrs. Russell C. Stager ’74 **
Mr. Justas Staisiunas ’04
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Stephenson Jr. ’69
Mr. Andrew W. ’87 and Ms. Bonnie Wein ’88 Stern **
Mr. Robert E. Stewart ’78
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Stiller ’91
Ms. Caitlin A. Stillo ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Lewis M. Stival ’79 **
Prof. J. Larry and Mrs. Noriko Stockton
Ms. Taylor A. Stone ’22
Mr. Charles J. ’81 and Mrs. Lisa L. ’81 Straface
Dr. Forrest Murray Stuart
Mr. Kyle Craig Subers ’22
Mr. Peter M. ’82 and Ms. Andrea Josephson ’84 Sullivan **
Ms. Hope V. Sullivan ’88
Mr. P. Joshua Sullivan ’03
Mr. Nicholas, II ’91 and Mrs. Catherine Hammond ’92 Sumas
Mr. Benjamin H. Surman ’21
Dr. Elliot J. Sussman
Mr. and Mrs. John* L. Sutter ’61
Mr. Mark L. Svevar ’07
Mr. Theodore C. ’90 and Mrs. Dana Paul ’90 Swimmer
Ms. Alix Golden Talkow ’22
Mr. Ryan Zachary Tall ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Christopher S. Tarr ’70 **
Mr. Matthew A. Tascione ’21
Ms. Emily B. Taub ’22
Dr. Javad and Mrs. Tabatabaie Tavakoli
Mr. Richard P. Thayer ’61
Rev. Daniel C. Thomas Jr. ’71
Mr. and Mrs. John H. Thomas ’70 P’01
Ms. Sarah M. Thompson ’07
Mr. Holden and Mrs. Patti Thorp
Dr. Russell J. ’76 and Mrs. Bridget K. Tibbetts
Ms. Kara Leigh Tiedtke ’22
Mr. and Mrs. George Tiger Jr. ’81
Mr. and Mrs. George F. Tinker ’57 **
Ms. Susan B. Tischler ’76 **
Mr. and Mrs. Alan L. Tope ’65 **
Ms. Aimee Torrisi
Ms. Emily H. Tuchman ’22
Ms. Grace Ann Tulevech ’22
Mr. Keith J. and Mrs. Danielle M. Turco P’23
Mr. Samuel C. Ubertalli ’22
Mr. and Mrs. Ross A. Unruh ’69 **
Ms. Jillian E. Updegraff ’22
Dr. W. Christopher ’92 and Mrs. Wendy Ziegler ’92 Urban
Ms. Aparna Vadhri ’92
Mr. Ryan Alexander Van Dijk ’21
Mr. Bruno E. Vanhaelst P’23
Mr. Theodore J. Veresink ’68
Mr. Michael R. Volpe ’71
Dr. Susan L. Volpicella-Levy ’83
Dr. and Mrs. William Vonroth Jr. ’67 **
Mr. and Mrs. David S. Wagner ’69 **
Ms. Madelynne Raye Wahrmund ’22
Dr. Marybeth Browne Wallace ’94
Ms. Kathryn E. Ward ’22
Dr. and Mrs. Michael J.A. Ward ’71 **
Ms. Dawn Llewellyn Washo ’85
Mr. Clarence and Ms. Leslie Watkins P’26
Ms. Elizabeth A. Wehle P’24
Mr. Richard M. Weinroth ’80 **
Mr. Zvi I. and Mrs. Debra S. Weiss P’24
Mr. Scott P. and Mrs. Maria T. Wensel P’19
Mr. Marco A. Wertheimer ’22
Mr. Gary E. Wetzel ’76
Mr. Jacob S. White ’15
Mr. Nicholas J. Whiteman ’18
Ms. Jessica C. Whitman ’22
Ms. Kate Whittier ’21
Ms. Caryn Steyer Wilbraham ’82
Ms. Lori Weaver Will ’06
Mr. and Mrs. E. Crosby Willet ’50 **
Ms. Tacie Steidel Williams ’06
Ms. Emily M. Wilson ’22
Mr. Ernest S. and Mrs. Leslie D. Wilson P’22
Ms. Makaila D. Wilson ’22
Ms. Nancy Edgar Winkler ’77
Ms. Elizabeth P. Winter ’22
Mr. George H. Winter IV ’83
Mr. Don H. Wirtz ’57
Mr. Roy D. ’81 and Ms. Sally Strong ’82 Wolgin
Mr. James C. and Mrs. Susan F. Woodhouse P’22
Mr. Luke R. Woodward ’22
Mr. Douglas E. and Mrs. Elizabeth L. Woolley P’25
Ms. Callie A. Wortmann ’22
Mr. Qiong Wu ’09
Mr. Yonghao Wu ’22
Mr. Perry Yam ’22
Mr. William T. Yinger ’99
Mr. and Mrs. John A. Young Jr. ’67
Mr. and Mrs. John W. Young ’74 P’17 **
Dr. James R. S. Zager ’61
Ms. Ellen M. Zammarchi ’22
Mrs. Liz Hobart Zang ’87
Mr. Richard Sterndale Zarecki ’73
Mr. Michael S. Zausmer ’15
Ms. Jane Beeers Zboray ’80
Mr. Lorenz, Jr. and Mrs. Anne Zimmerman P’23
Mr. Lorenz E. Zimmerman III
Mr. and Mrs. Robert J. Zimmers ’70
Mr. Robert B. ’66 and Mrs. Linda H. Zink
Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Zirinsky ’68 P’95’98 **
Ms. Anna C. Zittle ’22
Mr. Evan S. ’95 and Ms. Michelle Weinberg ’95 Zuckerman

* = deceased
** = Sustaining Member