The Société d'Honneur was established by the Board of Trustees to recognize exceptional lifetime generosity on the part of alumni, parents, and friends.

Since the 29 inaugural members were inducted April 4, 1986, the Société has grown to include 121 alumni, parents, and friends. The support of these individuals has strengthened every facet of campus life.

In addition to being listed in the Summary of Giving, members’ names are inscribed on the Société d’Honneur Plaza, located near the southwest corner of Pardee Hall. When inducted, each Société member receives an exact-scale bronze copy of a statue of the Marquis de Lafayette (1881) by Aimé-Jules Dalou (1838–1902).  The original from which the recastings were made was presented to the College in 1950 by Allan P. Kirby ’15, a charter member of the Société.


Sarkis Acopian ’51 and Bobbye J. Acopian

Robert Wunsch Adenbaum ’49

Carl G. Anderson, Jr. ’67 and Deborah B. Anderson

Lorenz K. Ayers ’13

Richard Hutton Ayre ’23

The Family of Harvey S. Batdorf ’28 and Lawrence B. Batdorf ’32

S. Robert Beane, Jr. ’58 and Silas R. Beane III ’88

Philip I. Berman and Muriel Mallin Berman

Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Bollman Jr. ’60 P’81 GP’12

Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Bollman Jr. ’60 P’81 GP’12’12

John T. Bourger ’71 and Selena Vanderwerf

Fred P. Braun, Jr. ’55

Nancy E. Brennan ’74

Ralph A. Brenninger ’33

Edward B. Brunswick ’58

The McCutchen Foundation (Charles W. McCutchen, Ann Terry, and Benson J. Chapman P’03)

Eugene H. Clapp II ’36 and Maud Millicent Clapp

Anthony L. Conrad ’43 and Nancy M. Conrad

Arthur W. Conway ’68

William J. Conway Jr. ’70

Peter C.S. d’Aubermont ’73

Edward M. Dohrman ’31 and Marion S. Dohrman

Paul Frederick Drake ’20 and Ruth Nice Drake

W. Bruce Drinkhouse ’50

Bradbury Dyer III ’64

The Engel Family

William B. Farinon ’39 and P T Farinon

Jeffrey P. Feather ’65 and Grace Kathryn Feather

Helen Rowland Fecke

Joseph J. Feder ’26 and Miss Mary Feder

James R. Fisher ’77 and Tracey Fisher

Edwin L. Frankenstein ’22

Francis J. Gafford ’31 and Dorothy A. M. Gafford

Lois and Neil Gagnon

Mr. and Mrs. William P. Gano III ’57

Bennett J. Goodman ’79 and Margaret Goodman

Joseph A. Grazier ’25 and Marian Messner Grazier

Alan R. Griffith ’64 and Elizabeth F. “Penny” Griffith

Richard A. Grossman ’64 and Rissa W. Grossman

Harold A. Hageman ’39 and Roberta Oberer Hageman

The Family of Haubert J. Hansen ’33 and Roger B. Hansen ’65

Walter E. Hanson ’49

Heidi Ludwick Hanson ’91 and Daniel Hanson

Frederick W. Harsen ’31

H. Louise Harstine (Mrs. David L. Harstine W1908)

Barbara Levy ’77 and Joseph Hollander

Charles E. Hugel ’51 and Cornelia F. Hugel

Elmer E. Huhn ’24 and Emily Kocher Huhn

Elmer B. Humma ’29 and Sara Saylor Humma

George R. Jaqua ’38

Edward A. Jesser ’39 and Ruth A. Jesser

Harold N. Kamine ’78 and Kathleen Coogan Kamine ’78

Harry V. Keefe, Jr.

Walter L. “Jack” Kellow, Jr. ’52 and Eugenia Litwinski Kellow

Joseph G. Kessler ’29 and Ethel T. Kessler

The Fred Morgan Kirby Family

Robert L. Klotz, Jr. ’31 and Emma Lou Pantier Klotz

Paul O. Koether ’58

John W. Landis ’39 and Muriel S. Landis

William W. Lanigan ’52

George Cooley Laub ’33

Richard M. Lieberman ’52

Charles C. Limburg ’29

Dr. Judson Linville ’79 and Mrs. Cynthia Oaks Linville ’80 P’13

Charles D. Mac Makin ’39 and Margaret H. Mac Makin

James T. Marcus ’50

Joseph A. Marlo ’29 and Bernice E. Marlo

Mr. H. Messner Jr.

Marshall R. Metzgar ’18

Robert B. Meyner ’30 and Helen S. Meyner

Lester V. Milligan ’34 and Gladys Rice Milligan

Donald E. Morel, Jr. ’79 and Lauren B. Morel

E. Wayne Nordberg ’60

Walter Oechsle ’57 and Christa Oechsle

Herbert F. Ohmeis ’28 and Virginia C. Ohmeis

Robert E. Pfenning ’32 and Hazel E. Pfenning

Robert A. Pfenning

Lawrence J. Ramer ’50 and Ina Lee Brown Ramer

William C. Rappolt ’67 and Pamela H. Rappolt

Mrs. Joan Williams Rhame

David M. Roth ’70 and Linda Roth

Stuart J. Rothkopf ’55 and Joan Mack

George F. Rubin ’64 and Lorraine B. Rubin

Ronald Nelson Rudderow ’57

Darl M. Rush ’52

Arthur B. Ryer ’30

Walter A. Scott ’59 and Mary Catherine Reed Scott

Robert E. Sell ’84 and Susan J. Sell

George J. Shipman ’26

William E. Simon ’52 and Carol G. Simon

J. Peter Simon ’75 and Janet Mauriello Simon ’75

Frederick H. Spotts ’14

Gwyneth Laros Staats

Ervin R. VanArtsdalen ’35 and Mary Louise VanArtsdalen

John J. Veronis ’48 and Lauren S. Veronis

Thomas J. Watson and Jeannette Kittredge Watson

Michael F. Weinstein ’70 and Jill Weinstein

George W. Whelen P’10 and Family

Gladstone T. Whitman ’49 and Sally G. Whitman

Morris R. Williams ’22 and Josephine C. Williams

Dr. Charles K. Williams, II

George L. Williams ’35

J. Tylee Wilson ’53 and Patricia F. Wilson

Philip D. Wolfe ’57 and Joanne L. Wolfe

Robert L. Yohe ’58 and Judith C. Yohe