“Special thanks to the many families who have supported Lafayette students and programs.  As our children continue their educational journey, our roles as parents are evolving, but our ability to positively impact their lives continues.”
LAURA AND ERIK ESELIUS P’22 | Chairs of the Marquis Parents CouncilJohn S. Ablon

Michael Acquilano and Giovanna Acquilano
Eric S. Adler and Dr. Suzanne M. Adler
Adnan Ahmed and Sara Ahmed
Pearl N. Akagha
Catherine J. Albrecht and Geoffrey S. Albrecht
Anne Albright and John Albright
Scott D. Allen and Stephanie A. Allen
Rosana M. Alvarez and Jose L. Vazquez
Gary F. Amico and Sarah H. Amico
Cynthia A. Anderson and David J. Anderson
Bruce N. Anton and Andreea M. Sparhawk
Adheesha S. Arangala and Dr. Crista L. Arangala
Kathleen A. Arky and Dr. Lawrence M. Arky
Brice T. Arnold and Katherine D. Arnold
Robert L Asher and Susan L. Glosser
Jean B. Avery and Steven B. Avery
Gregory P. Axtman and Sarah L. Axtman
Anthony Baiamonte, III and Leslie Baiamonte
Cynthia Bailey Landis and Jonathan Landis
Robert B. Balderson, Jr. and Dr. Stacey A. Balderson
Dr. Frank G. Baloh and Maryann G. Baloh
Maryann G. Baloh and Dr. Frank G. Baloh
Janice M. Balulis and Vincent J. Balulis
David A. Barban and Cynthia D. Barban
Michele M. Barcia and Vincent J. Barcia
Michael G. Barget and Jacqueline A. Barget
Julie C. Barker and Dr. Julian J. Odell
Tarris Barley and Elizabeth Barley
Kevin M. Barry and Susan L. Barry
William F. Barton and Florence Y. Kimm
Christopher A. Bates and Melissa J. Cunniffe
Kirsten E. Bauer `90 and David J. Parsells
Matthew A. Baumgardner and Candice-Leigh H. Baumgardner
Elisabeth S. Baute and Robert E. Baute
Dr. Jacqueline E. Bavaro
Greg Bedell and Jennifer Bedell
Patrick A. Beers
Maria Lucci Beitel `84
Claudia A. Bennett and Peter B. Bennett
Nicholas K. Bentley and Dr. Amy F. Lipton
Christelle W. Berger and Seth Berger
Michael C. Berman and Elizabeth H. Berman
Jane R. Berry and Thomas R. Berry
Daniel C. Bertolette, III and Leslie C. Bertolette
Dr. Clayton L. Besch, III and Wendy E. Besch
Eileen Best and Jonathan Best
Dr. Mark D. Beyer `84 and Debra A. Beyer
Alison W. Bickford and Benjamin G. Bickford
Nancy Elzey Binder `83 and William R. Binder, III
Kerry M. Black
Sheila M. Black and Russ L. Cranswick
Bradley C. Blaisure and Tanya F. Blaisure
Stanley L. Bobrowski and Justine M. Gaeta `92
Erin K. Boeckman and Philip J. Boeckman
Sarah Metzgar Boggess and Steven M. Boggess
James R. Bogorowski and Janet A. Bogorowski
David W. Bogosian and Deborah A. Bogosian
Julie E. Boldizar and Mark J. Boldizar
Ashley H. Bollwerk and William N. Bollwerk
James R. Borah and Maura J. Sullivan-Borah
Jerry C. Bordwick and Pamela I. Bordwick
Dr. William P. Boxer `95 and Kim S. Boxer
Timothy J. Bragg and Autumn Leciston Bragg `90
Cortney C. Brand `93 and Mira van Roon Brand `92
Bruce C. Brasher and Virginia A. Brasher
Jonathan P. Brecht and Paula M. Goldsmith
Linda K. Breggin and Michael P. Vandenbergh
Reagen R. Brenner and Lonnie J. Brenner
Antigoni Briegel and Patrick L. Briegel
Aideen Cooney Briggs `90 and Payson S. Briggs `91
Jennifer P. Broderick and John Wallace Broderick
Andrew Brown and Madeline Brown
Celia Brown and Andrew Marcuse
Jennifer Brown and Richard Brown
Madeline Brown and Andrew Brown
Dr. Denise R. Bruckman-Laudenslager and Barry E. Laudenslager
David R. Buchanan and Susan L. Buchanan
Dr. Helen Burgos Ellis and Steven A. Ellis
Frederic Burk and Stephanie Burk
Holly E. Burnet Mikula and Gary R. Mikula
Gerald E. Burns and Susan E. Burns
Scott A. Bursor and Dr. Lara B. Goldfeder
Dr. Armando M. Byrne, Jr. and Dr. Deborah D. Jaworski
Dr. Curtis W. Byrnes and Kristine M. Byrnes
David C. Campbell, Jr. and Carolyn I. Laverty Campbell
Dr. Kurtis A. Campbell and Lisa M. Campbell
Lisa D. Campbell and Robert F. Campbell
Michael P Campbell and Carey A Campbell
Annette M. Canceran Guinter
Mary C. Carden and Thomas P. Carden
Michael Carr and Shannon Carr
Shannon Carr and Michael Carr
Phillip C. Carter
Dr. Gabriel R. Catalina and Dr. Duk Hee Kim
Angela Cefalo and Remo Cefalo
Christina A. Cerza and Gerald M. Cerza
Dr. Jan M. Chabala and Mary A. Francis
Elizabeth H. Champagne and Paul T. Champagne
Lora Chang and David R. Smith
David S. Chao and Marianne L. Chao
Bill Charman and Patricia Charman
Xiaobo Chen and Stephanie So
Bradley D. Cherry and Kelli M. Cherry
Charles E. Chesebrough, Jr. `87 and Julia Hull Chesebrough `87
Kenneth D. Chiasson and Sandra J. Chiasson
Carl E. Chmielewski and Yvonnie C. Chmielewski
Claire Chrysanthopoulos and Michael Chrysanthopoulos
Alfred Chuang and Sharene Chuang
Christopher S. Ciampaglia and Dr. Susan K. Ciampaglia
Allison C. Ciccone-Cozart and Jason A. Cozart
Heather Clark Piskorowski and Bryan T. Piskorowski
Walter J. Clayton III and Gretchen B. Clayton
Richard F. Close, III and Kelly A. Close
Blaine S. Cloud and Michelle E. Cloud
Christopher A. Coates and Barbara B. Coates
Annmarie M. Cobb and Tyrus R. Cobb, III
Andrew A. Coe and Linda A. Coe
Jeffrey M. Cohen and Karen B. Cohen
Larry W. Coldiron and Salina D. Coldiron
Alicia P. Colledge and Michael A. Colledge
Christopher D. Collins and Nancy A. Collins
Jim R. Collins and Joanie F. Collins
Dr. David R. Colquhoun and Dr. Julianne I. Jasken
Ian M. Comisky and Marci Comisky
Brendan C. Condon and Heidi C. Torpey-Condon
Lisa Conrad and Richard W. Conrad
Craig E. Conway and Dr. Kristin L. Conway
Catherine T. Coombs and Ronald M. Coombs
Conrad U. Corpus and Irene B. Wall-Corpus
Derek L. Correia and Kelly P. Correia
James F. Cosgrove, Jr. `86 and Colleen M. Cosgrove
John L. Costello, III and Kristen T. Costello
Kevin J. Coyle and Wendy D. Coyle
Jason A. Cozart and Allison C. Ciccone-Cozart
Robert R. Craig `84 and Hilary Craig
Elisa B. Crapanzano `97
Sebastian J. Crapanzano, II `97
Allie J. Craytor and Christopher Craytor
Gregory M. Creamer and Lynn M. Creamer
Jamie Croake and Sean Croake
George G. Cromarty and Loredana V. Cromarty
Dr. Laurie D. Cruz
Kimberly D. Culligan and Dr. Patrick J. Culligan
Dr. Patrick J. Culligan and Kimberly D. Culligan
Marc J. Cummings and Amy Cummings
Mark R. Cummins and Karen L. Cummins
James J. Cummiskey and Joy T. Cummiskey
John J. Cunningham, IV `90 and Christine Prete Cunningham `87
Steven J. Cwienkala, Jr. and Tammy C. Yocum-Cwienkala
John Dahl and Katharine Dahl
Brenda Dailey and James L. Dailey
Kevin J. Daly and Jacqueline M. Daly
Gina M. D’Amato and Robert J. D’Amato
Martha P. D’Andrea and Dr. Michael J. D’Andrea
Hall Danes
Larry G. Dann and Suzanne J. Dann
Amy J. Darrah and Paul F. Darrah, Jr.
Michael Davidson `89 and Jennifer R. Davidson
Dr. Richard A. Davis and Beth Davis
Rajiv K. De Silva
Dr. Andrew D. Decker and Michelle S. Decker
John A. Deery and Julie K. Deery
Kimberley L. Degnan and Neal R. Degnan
Dan F. Del Duca and Josie R. Del Duca
Joseph G. Dell and Robyn L. Dell
Nicole S. Delmotte and Stuart K. Delmotte
Mark S. DeLongis and Christine R. DeLongis
Rae A DeNardo and Scott E DeNardo
Kristin S. Dennehy and Morgan J. Dennehy
Michael J. Dennis and Dr. Bernardine Suppa
John DeNobile and Kori A. DeNobile
William Dessel and Allison Dessel
Jeffery R. Dewar and Jennifer R. Dewar
James W. Dicker `85 and Martha Shane Dicker `84
Sharon DiFelice `84
Anthony V. DiGiovanni and Lori DiGiovanni
Elizabeth G. Dineen and Michael F. Dineen
Kim L. Dingledine and Ray C. Dingledine, IV
Alan F. Donatelli and Lori G. Donatelli
Tracey Dougherty and Francis Dougherty
Jacqueline M. Dowd and Sean Dowd
William J. Downey
Barbara A. Drotar and William G. Drotar
Almut D. Dubischar and Prof. Markus C. Dubischar
Bruce C. Dunbar
Caroline N. Duncan and Duane S. Duncan
David M. Duncan and Karen P. Duncan
Deirdre K. Dunn-Haddad and William N. Haddad, Sr.
Dr. Keith A. Earle, Sr. and Dr. Angela R. Hughes-Earle
Dr. Derek Eaton and Dr. Elaine Reardon
Deborah M. Eberts and Edward C. Eberts
Dr. James J. Eckert `82 and Abigail K. Eckert
Janice A. Egan
Jennifer J. Elmen and Robert J. Elmen
Christopher J. Emerson and Faith D. Emerson
David J. Engel and Jill E. Engel
Karen Griffin Ernst `87 and Charles A. Ernst, IV
Erik D. Eselius and Dr. Laura L. Eselius
Anne-Marie Esslinger and Gregory S. Esslinger
Robin L. Fadio
Robert J. Familetti, Jr. `90 and Shannon S. Familetti
Shannon S. Familetti and Robert J. Familetti, Jr.
Brian J. Fanning and Julie E. Fanning
Harold T. Fayorsey and Dr. Ruby N. Fayorsey
Sheryl E. Fedor and Terry G. Fedor, II
Courtney C. Fein and Mickey D. Fein
Mickey D. Fein and Courtney C. Fein
Elizabeth E. Felsmann `94 and John W. Felsmann
William D. Felton and Jodi G. Felton
Paul J. Fenaroli and Karen C. Fenaroli
Dr. Anthony W. Ferrante and Arthur A. Ferrante
Anthony R. Filiato and Catherine A. Filiato
Ira S. Fishman and Rebecca K. Fishman
Rebecca K. Fishman and Ira S. Fishman
Kent A. Fitzpatrick and Rochelle M. Fitzpatrick
Jay H. Flamme and Natalie K. Flamme
Leslie E. Florio and Robert Florio
Ryan R. Flynn and Rebecca A. Rij-Flynn
Catherine M. Foker and Eric B. Foker
Marcia Francis and Lee Gordon
John M. Fray, Sr. and Kathleen D. Fray
Dawn M. Frazer
Heidi R. Fretz and Willard G. Fretz
Robert L. Friedman and Ilise B. Friedman
John G. Fudala and Susan Daller Fudala `93
Noel Furniss and Susan Furniss
David Futterman and Marnie Stetson
Michelle L. Gabree-Huba and Daniel J. Huba
Michelle R. Galbraith and Mitchell Galbraith
Dr. David M. Gallagher and Jennifer L. Wills
William S. Gallie and Linda A. Gallie
Carla M. Geiersbach and Frederick J. Geiersbach
Eliot D. Gelber and Elisa T. Gelber
Dr. Julie K. Gerstein and Mitchell Gerstein
Dr. Brian F. Gery and Dr. Maureen Gottfried
Elisabetta Ghisini and Vladimir Jacimovic
Mark P. Gibbons `83 and Kathy L. Gibbons
Courtney C. Gibson and Gregory L. Gibson
Darwin Gillett, V and Kristin Gillett
Thomas L. Glenn, III and Dr. Kimberlee B. Glenn
Susan L. Glosser and Robert L Asher
Edith P. Goltra and Edward S. Goltra
Hideki Gomi and Dr. Sumiko Gomi
Jason A. Gonella and Christine E. Gonella
Robert W. Good and Susan L. Good
Daniel R. Goodhope and Tracey G. Goodhope
David S. Gordon and Giselle B. Gordon
C. Thomas Goslau `89 and Okjoo Lee Goslau
Dr. Maureen Gottfried and Dr. Brian F. Gery
Dr. Jeffrey D. Gould
Stephen Gouldrup and Jen Gouldrup
Evan T. Graf and Jennifer M. Graf
Bruce A. Graham `86 and Valerie H. Kay
Jason Gray and Krista E. Moody
Stephen H. Gray and Ashley G. Pressler
Aurelia P. Grayson and Ian G. Grayson
Peter G. Grayson `77 and Josephine A. Grayson
John Grech and Karen L. Heese
Robert W. Greeley and Jeanette L Greeley
Douglas M. Griebel and Sandra A. Griebel
Donna L. Griggs and Robert L. Griggs, Jr.
Scott J. Guinter
Dr. Divya Gupta and Dr. Pankaj Gupta
Joanne M. Gutleber and Paul M. Gutleber
Dr. Kevin F. Haas and Dana M. Haas
Thomas J. Haas and Erin E. Haas
Charles Hajdu and Kimberly George-Hajdu
Josephine A. Hall and Kenneth R. Hall
Adam T. Halsey and Beth A. Halsey
Anne-Mette Halvorson and Eric Halvorson
Eric Halvorson and Anne-Mette Halvorson
Mark Hamilton and Mary Jane Hassard
James P. Hammel and Dr. Deborah A. Keightley
Dr. Berthold K. Hannes and Christine Hannes-Bengel
Daniel Hansen and Lisa L. Hansen
Rebecca B. Harobin `92 and Andrew W. Harobin `97
Alison E. Harrington and Thomas C. Maheras
Guy S. Harriott and Dr. Wendy A. Harriott
Lisa A. Hartman and Marshall Schmeizer
Michael S. Hartman and Donna M. Bissey
Celeste K. Haskel and Paul B. Haskel
John Hathaway and Kathi Hathaway
Jeffrey A. Hausamann and Pamela S. Hausamann
Catherine E. Heald and William H. Heald
Kent E. Heberlig
Dr. Christopher J. Hebert and Lisa A. Hebert
Alexander Hefting and Greetje Karman
Marla H. Heinemann and Russell G. Heinemann
Brian D. Hendrix `86 and Jacqueline D. Parkes
Diana L. Hennessey and Paul A. Hennessey
Robert G. Hensell and Lori A. Camp
Richard T. Henshaw and Elizabeth L. Henshaw
Earl D. Hergert, III and Jennifer A. Hergert
Eric Hill and Susan Hill
Ellen Himmel
Maureen J. Hinchey and William M. Hinchey
Elizabeth G. Hipp and Thomas H. Hipp
James J. Hooghuis and Margaret A. Hooghuis
Genia M. Horvath and Peter L. Horvath
Amy Hover and Brian Hover
Livingston G. Howard and Michelle B. Howard
Jennifer S. Huber and Mark V. Huber
Irene Hucal and Taras M. Hucal
Daniel S. Huffenus `86 and Valery A. Huffenus
Lisa M. Hummel and Scott R. Hummel
Andrew S. Hunter and Jacqueline I. Hunter
Wendy B. Huntley and William J. Huntley
Joel D. Huppin and Chris M. Huppin
Emily C. Hurley and Dr. James M. Hurley
Anthony T. Igneri and Kathleen M. Igneri
Cassandra A. Ingram and Kevin A. Ingram
Laura K. Ipsen and Douglas M. Kernan
Megan M. Irish and Ryan M. Irish
Dennis C. Italia and Michelle M. Italia
Richard L. Jakober and Susan M. Jakober
Ann T. Janeski and Robert R. Janeski
Gina B. Jansen and Gregory B. Jansen
Brien C. Jenkins and Victoria M. Jenkins
Amy C. Jent and Andrew N. Jent
Kumud Jindal and Michelle Jindal
Frances M. Johnson and Ralph P. Johnson
Stephen L. Johnson and Heather A. Johnson
Edson S. Jones `89 and Janine W. Jones
Adam Joseph and Susan J. Kraham
Michael Joseph `88 and Christine Alfieri Joseph `88
Eric T. Kambour `85 and Sarah L Kambour
Carolyn S. Kane and Matthew I. Kane
Elyssa B. Kane and Jeffery S. Levine
Matthew I. Kane `88 and Carolyn S. Kane
Roni B. Kanter
Pamela M. Kapsimalis
Dr. Abbe Karmen
Carolyn A. Kerr and Martin J. Robinett
Diane M. Kiel and Thomas J. Kiel
Dr. Earl Kilbride, Jr. and Renee Kilbride
James A. Kiley, Jr. and Lois E. Kiley
Daniel B. Kimball and Caren B. Kimball
Michael A. Kimelman `96 and Lisa Moskow Kimelman
Brandee R. King and Wyman L. King
Jefferson W. Kirby `84 and Karen McCabe Kirby `87
Dr. Kevin Kissell and Dr. Carol Latzanich
Kyoko Kitamura and Takeshi K. Kubo
Lisa A. Kiziuk `89
Kimberly C. Kleine and Thomas F. Needles
Elizabeth L. Koczur and Joseph M. Koczur
Rene Kofod-Olsen and Ealbra Moradkhan
Elizabeth A. Kopen and Gene C. Kopen
Neil J. Koren and Dr. Amy E. Traum
Paul V. Kosednar and Stacy M. Kosednar
Lawrence J. Kotler and Rita Eichman Kotler
Marta Kowalska
Gary Krausz and Caryn Leemon-Krausz
Shannon S. Kreytak and Timothy D. Kreytak
Jennifer M. Krieger and Jon N. Krieger
Lisa A. Krock and Theodore H. Krock
Jason E. Krumwiede and Shana F. Krumwiede
William J. Kushner `90 and Catherine A. Kushner
William C. Lacy and Kristina G. Lacy
Daniel J. LaFrance and Amy N. LaFrance
Anna Lamanna and Joe Lamanna
Dr. Nicole M. Lamborne and Harold V. Salvati
Jeffery B. Langford and Tiffani A. Langford
Lori A. Langsdale and Trevor J. Langsdale
Amanda Lapides and Michael J. Lapides
James E. Lapsley and Kelly A. Lapsley
Michael E. Larner `96 and Jennifer Pendergrass Larner `96
Daniel J. Larsen and Jo-Ann Larsen
Dr. Kari R. Lass and Jonathan S. Lass
Kjersten Lazar and Robert Lazar
Roger A. Lazarus and Susan K. Lazarus
Allison L. Leddy and Stephen W. Leddy
Chris A. Lehman and Diane P. Lehman
Mark T. Leininger and Carri S. Leininger
Adam B. Lemisch `88 and Orna Wolfzahn
John W. Leslie and Heather Leslie
David J. Lesser and Elisabeth K. Lesser
Beverly J. LeTourneau and Timothy J. LeTourneau
Dr. Aaron M. Levy and Susan L. Levy
Dr. Lei Li and Dr. Wenru Song
Kurt R. Liebich and Treacy B. Liebich
Jason E. Lightbody and Julie A. Lightbody
Wesley Lightcap and Jill Kennedy
Bruce Lindsley and Wendy J. Lindsley
Dr. Marie C. Lingat-Pascoe and Elsworth L. Pascoe
Cynthia B. Lippe and Peter S. Lippe
Steven Literati, III `81 and Marcia N. Literati `83
Richard E. Loccke `98 and Susan L. Loccke
Dr. Christopher D. Lomax and Kristina L. Lomax
Diana M. Long
Robert J. Longo, Jr. `88 and Dr. Marta K. Longo
Alfred F. Loomis
Tina M. Loose
Dr. Leif P. Lorentzen and Dr. Karina Omark
Paula C. Lovallo and Randolph T. Lovallo
Christopher M. Lovasz and Alison Lovasz
Sean M. Lucey and Megan F. Lucey
Michael Todd Luttrell and Dr. Regina M. Luttrell
Robert J. Lynett, Sr. and Noelle M. Lynett
Janet M. Lyons and Michael J. Lyons
Christopher Macarchuk and Debora K. Macarchuk
Paul S. MacElhiney and Colleen B. MacElhiney
Dale R. Mack and Sherry Mack
Ian D MacKinnon and Deidre M. Yoder
Melinda L. Magnusson and Tyler P. Magnusson
Georganne K. Mallas and Konstantine B. Mallas
Dr. William J. Malone, V
Rodney Manubag and Loretta Manubag
Dr. Glen S. Markowitz and Dr. Judi R. Markowitz
Dr. Kathryn M. Marr and Dr. Paul J. Marr
Edward W. Marrs and Lois A. Marrs
Terrence Martin and Rebecca Stokes
Monika Martinho and Paul Martinho
Dr. John C. Marzano and Pamela D. Marzano
Anna Maria Marzullo and Robert G. Root
Sharon F. Masuzumi-Sawai and Paul H. Sawai
Richard B. Mathes and Kathleen L. Mathes
F. Stephenson Matthes and Paige F. Macdonald-Matthes `89
Michael H. Maurer, Jr. and Susie E. Maurer
Susie E. Maurer and Michael H. Maurer, Jr.
Dr. Catharine C. Mayer
Darcy Mayers and Paul M. Schauder
Martin J. McAndrew and Dr. Susan Varevice-McAndrew
James K. McBain and Pamela P. McBain
Elizabeth McCurrach `99
Frances McCusker and Joseph A. McCusker
Bernadette A. McDermott and Thomas J. McDermott
Bruce L. McDermott `86 and Sally S. McDermott `86
Edward R. McDonald and Hanna M. McDonald
Mark S. McDonald and Nanette W. McDonald
Charles R. McKenney and Tracie L. McKenney
Luke McKenzie and Sharon McKenzie
John S. McLachlan and Kathleen S. McLachlan
Joseph R. McManus and Lori McManus
Ilene B. McMullen and Kevin M. McMullen
Kevin M. McMullen and Ilene B. McMullen
Omar Y. McNeill and Lisa G. Peyton-McNeill
Russell P. McRory and Joanne McRory
Connell A. McShane and Renee L. McShane
Yaisa L. Medina
Wayne A. Mendez and Lakiesha M. Mendez
Amy R. Menkowitz and Michael G. Menkowitz
Brian J. Mercereau and Margaret E. Mercereau
Gena J. Merkel and James T. Merkel
Blake Messman and Paul A. Messman
Brenda Miles and Dr. John D. Miles
Allan E. Miller and Sharon M. Miller
Daniel H. Miller and Danitza L. Miller
James Miller and Dr. Simone Miller
Kyle L. Miller
Lisa C. Miller
Dr. Vivian I. Miller `87 and Dr. Cary M Dash
Marian I. Miller **
Timothy J. Mitchell and Dr. Traci M. Mitchell
Timothy A. Moeller `88 and Rachel Nelson Moeller `88
Eric L. Monaco and Michelle C. Monaco
Ealbra Moradkhan and Rene Kofod-Olsen
Michael W. Moran and Suzanne R. Moran
Richard W. Morgner, Jr. and Kimberly K. Morgner
Jeffrey R. Morris and Laurie A. Richer Morris
Matthew Morse and Susan P. Morse
Susan P. Morse and Matthew Morse
Laura Mosberg
Holly Godonis Moxhay `94 and Matthew C. Moxhay
Catherine M. Mueller and Christopher Mueller
Keith E. Muller and Pamela D. Muller
Alexis A. Murray and Kenneth C. Murray
Peter A. Najarian `88 and Dale J. Najarian
Lori Narotsky and Louis Narotsky
Michael B. Nathanson and Tracy A. Nathanson
Gary J. Nestler and Anna S. Winderbaum
Christopher B. Neuffer `88 and Denise M. Neuffer
Gregg A. Neumann and Angela M. Neumann
Harvey Ngitngit and Kathleen Ngitngit
Quyen V. Nguyen and Hoang T. K. Nguyen
Dr. Christopher W. Nicholson and Kimberly D. Nicholson
Jonathan K. Nickens and Ria T. Nickens
Ellen T. Nita `88
Andrew L. Nowack `95 and Jennifer Emmitt Nowack
Dr. Stephen J. Noxon `94 and Jennifer L. Noxon
Mary Ann S. Oaks
James O’Connor
Olivia O’Connor
James P. O’Leary and Laura L. O’Leary
Kristine M. Oleson and Nathan J. Oleson
Sylvia Olivas
Dr. Gary and Dr. Wilma Olson
Deirdre E. O’Mara and Gerald F. O’Mara
Andrea P. O’Neill and Noel D. O’Neill
Roberto Ontiveros and Xochitl Ontiveros
Thomas A. Orecchio `90 and Allison A. Orecchio
Ralph V. Oswald, III and Jane C. Oswald
Scott D. Pangbourne and Grace Pangbourne
Dr. Ted G. Papalimberis and Dr. Laurie A. Sutherland
Robert B. Parsons, Jr. `85 and Susan L. Parsons
Dr. Craig Paterson and Craig J. Strachan
Richard D. Paynton, Jr. `86
Stephen V. Pedone and Kari L. Pedone
Frederick A. Pelekis and Kirsten R. Pelekis
Dr. Alexandra Pellicena and Dr. Armin Schumacher
Charles Pelshaw and Kristen Pelshaw
Dr. Richard A. Penman
Carlene Pennell and Evan K. Pennell
Carlos A. Perdomo and Ines G. Perdomo
Priya Pereira-Sawian and Lyndan M. Sawian
Karen M. Peretz and Michael J. Peretz
Leslie Perkins
Nicholas G. Petras, Jr. and Ruth C. Petras
Emilie H. Petrone and Michael G. Petrone
Daniel J. Phee and Sylvia M. Phee
Elisabeth Hughes Phillips `85 and Charles M. Phillips
Joanne Piccolo and Robert L. Piccolo
Dr. Bradley P. Pickett and Dr. Katharine S. Pickett
Edward F. Pohl and Dr. Joanne C. Pohl
Melvin Pollock and Dr. Sara Ehrich
Dr. Barbara Ponieman and Dr. Diego A. Ponieman
Courtney A. Portlock and Marc D. Portlock
Lisa R. Prince and Robert H. Prince
Lawrence Protsman, Jr. and Christine T. Vitale
Dr. Michelle Papka Puri `90 and Dr. Pankaj Puri
Rebekah S. Putera
David P. Putzi and Maria L. Putzi
Marlene M. Quijano
Michael J. Quilty and Susan E. Quilty
Edgar Matthew Radcliff and Marianne M. Radcliff
Stephen P. Ralph and Karla K. Ralph
Vesel Ramovic and Heidi H. Ramovic
Mary Beth Ramsay and Scott Ramsay
John F. Rauchut and Margaret-Ann Cole
Bret T. Reese and Jennifer H. Reese
Jean Y. Regnier and Renee Regnier
Bruce A. Reid, Jr. and Laura C. Reid
John Reilly, III and Cynthia L. Reilly
Laura A. Reilly `92
Martha M. Rein and Robert T. Rein
Joerg C. Reinholdt and Kerri E. Reinholdt
Andrew Reinsdorf and Meredith Reinsdorf
Gilda Reitano and Richard Reitano
Kathy M. Renko and Mitchell E. Renko
Ann R. Repczynski and Thomas W. Repczynski
Richard F. Resnick and Carolyn M. Resnick
Dr. Elizabeth E. Richardson and Thomas C. Richardson
Brenda Rios
Peter D. Rittmaster and Gillian G. Rittmaster
Steven H. Rittmaster and Jennifer M. Rittmaster
Denise Robbi-Arena
Jeffrey J. Roberts
Pamela R. Robertson and Thomas D. Robertson
Daniel L. Robinson and Kimberly A. Robinson
James P. Robinson **
Lauri S. Robinson
Benjamin C. Rogers and Megan R. Rogers
Donna Roman and John Roman
Jose A. Romano and Amy J. Romano
Karen Rooney and Terrence J. Rooney
Andrew C. Rose and Ann C. Rose
Dr. Elizabeth B. Rosenblum and Michael D. Rosenblum
Jason P. Rosenthal and Nancy H. Rosenthal
Lisa M. Rossi and Peter J. Rossi
Stuart J. Rothman and Lisa J. Rothman
Dr. Dina A. Rovere and Dr. Marko R. Sima
Timothy R. Rubin `88 and Emma G Rubin
Dan R. Rufus and Ellen M. Rufus
Liselle M. Ruggiero and Peter S. Ruggiero
Dr. Scott A. Rushton and Kristen M. Rushton
Dr. Matthew H. Rusk and Jennifer E. Rusk
Dr. John T. Rusnock `84 and Margaret T. Rusnock
Ralph M. Russo, Jr. `91 and Stacey A. Russo
Bernard F. Ryan, III and Diane M. Ryan
Frank J. Sabella
Rasha M. Sabkar `91 and Matthew B. Hansen
Christopher J. Salbinski and Jennifer L. Salbinski
Harold V. Salvati and Dr. Nicole M. Lamborne
Prof. Joshua A. Sanborn and Kimberly B. Sanborn
Kimberly B. Sanborn and Prof. Joshua A. Sanborn
Edward D. Sandidge, Jr. and Leslie L. Sandidge
Andrew W. Sangster and Catriona Logan Sangster `91
Michael E. Santelli and Noreen E. Santelli
Dr. Jacqueline C. Santos `88 and John C. Santos, Jr. `87
Liam O. Sargent and Joy L. Sargent
Keat S. Saw and Siew L. Ooi
Greg A. Schatz and Dr. Adrianna Vlachos
Robert F. Scheu and Dr. Karen E. Scheu
John M. Schmidt and Marianne Schmidt
Dr. Allison K. Schnipper and Dr. Jeffrey L. Schnipper
Daniel B. Scholefield and Dr. Robin M. Scholefield
Caroline H. Schoudel and Jon J. Schoudel
David G. Schrettner `90 and Cheryl L. Schrettner
Judith Schulz and William S. Schulz, Jr.
David C. Schwartz
Amy K. Scott and Ian A. Scott
Catherine R. Scott **
Charles Reed Scott and Lenka Scott
Daniel E. Sefton and Lisa G. Sefton
Colette F. Seidel and Dr. Gregory A. Seidel
Dr. Lisa Sell and Dr. Keith M. Wilts
Christine C. Semsel and Richard E. Semsel
Jennifer L. Serpi and Joseph G. Serpi
Matthew L. Sevcik and Melinda D. Sevcik
Raquel A. Shaibani and Sanan Shaibani
Amy P. Sharpless and Peter S. Sharpless
Prof. John S. Shaw, III and Dr. Carolyn Y. Fang
Todd E. Shegog `87 and Barbara A. Buletti-Shegog `88
Matthew C. Sheldon and Amy K. Sheldon
Andrew H. Shepard and Cheryl L. Shepard
Dan B. Shertzer and Dr. Deborah G. Martin
Kevin E. Siemonsen and Mary B. Siemonsen
Maria J. Sigmond `90 and Dennis E. Warner, Jr.
Rochelle Silpe
Jay H. Silver and Veronica C. Silver
Anthony G. Sinagra and Wendy A. Sinagra
Brett W. Skapinetz and Alison P. Skapinetz
David M. Skatoff and Ashley A. Skatoff
Julie A. Skibniewski and Paul J. Skibniewski
Jodie R. Small
Charles F. Smith, Jr. `85 and Susanne G. Smith
Lt Col J. Bayard Smith `95 and Leah M. Smith
Anne Smith-White and Colin A. White
Kimberly Snarr and Thomas Snarr
Dr. Hung W. Song and Stephanie I. Song
Christina Sorak and Philip Sorak
Michael D. Southall and Sudi S. Southall
Marcel Spaans and Wilhelmina H. M. Spaans
Andreea M. Sparhawk and Bruce N. Anton
Dr. Gayle R. Spill Ephraim `86
Jill L. Spotz and Shannon F. Trautwein
David W. Stern `86 and Karen E. Stern
John P. Stewart and Jennifer J. Stewart
Charles H. Still, Jr. and Michele B. Still
Elaine McCluskey Stomber `89 and Richard J. Stomber
Howard A. Stone and Valerie C. Stone
Craig J. Strachan and Dr. Craig Paterson
Scott J. Strobel and Traci P. Strobel
Alexandra K. Strong and Benjamin B. Strong
Theresa C. Sturley
Michael J. Swidler and Deena B. Swidler
David A. Swiniarski and Amy R. Swiniarski
Robert J. Switzer and Jacqueline A. Switzer
John E. Taggart, III and Linda K.M. Taggart
John A. Talecki and Lisa J. Talecki
John H. Tall `81 and Laurie A. Tall
Dana Tate and John M. Tate
Denise P. Taverner and William J. Taverner
Dr. Jeffrey P. Taylor and Denise A. Taylor
Matthew J. Teitsch and Michelle G. Teitsch
Dr. Orin Tempkin and Michelle Steir Tempkin `87
Dr. Anthony J. Terraciano and Joan M. Terraciano
Christopher A. Thatcher `86 and Judith K. Thatcher
Melissa Thomas
Thomas J. Thompson and Carie A. Thompson
William George Thompson and Kristina Thompson
Elizabeth P. Timoney and Thomas P. Timoney, Jr.
Jeanne Tomlinson and Patrick Tomlinson, Jr.
Mitchell Toomey and Lynn Toomey
Elizabeth S. Torkelsen and Steven M. Torkelsen
Joanna M. Torzewski and Mark D. Torzewski
Dr. Michael R. Tracey `94 and Colleen Dayton Tracey `94
Shannon F. Trautwein and Jill L. Spotz
Keira A. Treanor and Timothy J. Treanor, Sr.
John D. Troxell `94 and Pamela B. Troxell
Steven M. Tulevech, Sr. and Carol A. Tulevech
Aileen C. Tuorto and Gregory L. Tuorto
Ronald E. Tupper and Kimberly R. Tupper
Danielle M. Turco and Keith J. Turco
Michael A. Turcotte
Joseph J. Turkmany, Jr. and Lisa A. Turkmany
Dr. Andrew B. Ulichney and Annie S. Ulichney
Catherine R. Urban and Robert J. Urban
C. Scott Van Cleef `85 and Lucia P. Van Cleef
Sterre van der Hell and Hans van Wijk
Alexander van Dijk and Suzanne van Dijk
Anthony L. Van Ess and Sonny U. Van Ess
John L. Vanneck and Kimberly Vanneck
Demetrios Vasilakis and Carolyn S. Vasilakis
Carmine A. Venezia and Linda P. Venezia
Dr. Paul P. Vessa, Jr. `80 and Kimberley Vessa
Scott Garrison Vincent `80 and Marisa Vincent
Kristin A. Vollero **
Salvatore L. Vollero, Jr.
Melissa R. Wagner and William R. Wagner
William R. Wagner `89 and Melissa R. Wagner
Robert J. Waldele `79 and Susanne C. Waldele
Robert Waldman and Bonnie A. McLeod
Michael S. Waldron `92 and Teresa M. Waldron
Krzysztof T. Walega and Iwona D. Walega
Andrew T. Walsh and Lisa S. Walsh
Christopher D. Walsh and Virginia M. Walsh
Andrew J. Walton and Susan A. Walton
Jessica A. Wang and Joshua B. Wang
Jason Ward and Kelly Ward
Megan E. Ward and Peter J. Ward
Cronin P. Warmack and Phoebe B. Warmack
Dennis E. Warner, Jr. and Maria J. Sigmond
Clarence Watkins and Leslie Watkins
Robert N. Weibel and Anne C. Weibel
Barry D. Weiss and Valerie A. Weiss
Debra S. Weiss and Zvi I. Weiss
Matthew D. Wells and Melissa A. Wells
Thomas E. Wetzler `88 and Anne B. Wetzler
Christine T. White
Marguerite V. White `89 and James T. White
Michael P. Whitman `82 and Linda T. Whitman `83
Scott R. Wild `89 and Deborah Kirwan Wild `90
John M. Williams and Michelle M. Williams
Ernest S. Wilson and Leslie D. Wilson
Anna S. Winderbaum and Gary J. Nestler
Kyle E. Wininger and Malia K. Sieve
James R. Wise and Mary A. Wise
Carl J. Witkowski, III and Katherine M. Witkowski
Alexandra Wnek and John P. Wnek
Alan P. Wolfe and Leslie K. Wolfe
Frank Wong and Natalie N. Wong
Bruce D. Wood and Kathryn D. Wood
Douglas E. Woolley and Elizabeth L. Woolley
Lisa Woolston and Robert**
Andrea Wright and Gilbert Wright
Bernardine C. Wu
Claire E. Yaffe and Richard M. Yaffe
John T. Yurconic `89 and Catherine B. Yurconic
Michael T. Zarrillo and Teri D. Zarrillo
Lorenz Eugene Zimmerman and Anne Zimmerman

** Deceased